What tastes and makes young? These foods make us age slower

I’m Bas. Welcome to my kitchen. Let’s do the same, or?

What foods affect the aging process?

Right here we have the good stuff, which inhibit the tendency of the aging process. On the left of the not-so-good things. They crank up the aging process.

What food young?

Young make, especially foods which are of vegetable origin. Herbal substances often contain substances that interfere with signaling pathways in our body and the aging process really can inhibit. Conversely, animal products, boost often the aging process. Not always. We will see a few exceptions. But many of them very well.

There are various substances in foods that make you young. One example is yogurt. This has been seen in experiments. If you fed yogurt to mice, the skin remains younger than usual. The coat is shiny. The aging process seems to be stopped in the yogurt lactic acid bacteria, including lactobacilli.

So we take here, for example, the bulb. In the bulb – which is anyway substances very healthy with ballast, etc.– but in the bulb there is a substance called Spermidine, which is a kind of self-cleaning program of our body tends to cells. That is, the cells, the cells of the body, to clean yourself from the inside. And this is like a rejuvenation process.

So cauliflower is also a great spermidine source. And Spermidine is this substance which activates a process in our body cells called Autophagy. And Autophagy is nothing more than self-consumption. What is now in the body’s cells happens is that molecular garbage is cleaned up and resembles a sort of rejuvenation process is started, for example, when we are fasting. That is to say, cauliflower, or this substance, Spermidine, simulated in the cauliflower, some fast processes in our body. We are sick of it. Nevertheless, these can be activated almost processes and rejuvenate the body from the inside. This is true for cauliflower. The same substance, Spermidine, is located in broccoli and also in citrus fruits. Or, for example, in pears or Apples. All good sources of Spermidine.

So I wanted to cook fish. One of my favorite fish dishes. With The Trout. Trout à la Tini the recipe is in the cookbook. And trout is one of the fatty fish. The advantage of this is that the Omega-3 fatty acids. We don’t know for some time that Omega-3 fatty acids make you fat – fat makes in this case is not fat – but they inhibit inflammatory processes in the body. And inflammatory processes also boost the aging process. In this respect, one can say that these Omega-3 fatty acids of rainbow trout to inhibit the aging process.

What foods make you sick and old?

It has been found that there are certain nutrients that boost the aging process is particularly strong. In particular, animal proteins, also called proteins. And of course, particularly strong in milk. This is a good milk, a Bio hay-milk. But that boosts the aging process tends to be. And a particularly strong presence in the meat, in red meat. Red meat I would prefer to avoid. But the worst are the processed meat products. Which are really very harmful. So here we have a Salami or sausage or bacon. I would steer clear of.

Of course, all the Junk food, which are what children. You should be really careful. I mean, all of this Junk food contains a lot of sugar. So milk chocolate contains a lot of sugar. It is particularly bad but in a liquid Form. So in these soft drinks, which arrive very quickly in our body, very, very fast into our bloodstream, Insulin and Insulin in turn is associated with growth processes. And growth processes, so Growth always aging boost.

There is a formula for the optimum diet?

What you are seeing is very consistent in the so-called Blue zones, which are regions on this world where people reach a high age on a fit way, is that you can cook yourself. These people prefer natural food. You eat no Junk food. This is the First. Secondly, they eat mainly plants, plant foods, fruits, vegetables, so everything is in the right area. Often supplemented by a little fish. Little meat, often fish supplements. And the describes the core of a very healing food.

What are three tips you should heed?

So my first tip would really be to go in the kitchen and cook yourself. Of course costs time, but back through a long life. So I think it’s worth it. The second tip would be to mainly plants. You can already fish-meat eat – prefer – you can eat meat, but that should be the Supplement. And you don’t need meat in my view. and Thirdly, as regards the milk and milk products – is there really a difference between the fermented milk products such as yogurt or cheese that are not generally wholesome and pure milk, the aging process stimulating and I would rather avoid.

Yes, we will now make a tasty trout. I think then we can get started now, or?