Our body has a muscle memory

So far, it is assumed that muscle cells are lost when we stop doing sports. New research results show, however, that once trained muscle cells can be quickly mobilized.

Sport makes the muscles to grow: to meet the requirements, thickening the muscle fibers thicken and form cores, more cell. Until now it was thought that the muscle cells lose at a sporting break, the newly formed nuclei. New research on rodents and insects, however, show that they remain even when the muscles are being broken down due to inactivity, disease or paralysis.

"It is actually much easier, and a certain muscle fitness through Sport, to restore, to reach out to them for the first Time, even in the case of a long Trainingspause", Lawrence Schwartz, a Professor of biology at the University of Massachusetts says. He is of the opinion that particularly the youth, is ideal to build muscle, because muscle growth will be supported in this Phase by hormones, nutrition, and robust cells. At the age you could draw on then you may.

The findings also speak in favour of Doping sinners should be permanently banned, because they benefit from anabolic steroids long after their ingestion: "Anabolic steroids cause a permanent increase in the ability to muscle formation. Studies show that mice form of testosterone new nuclei, which exist long after the end of steroid administration bleiben", so Schwartz.