Five foods you should never eat on an empty stomach – nutrition

A good Breakfast is important for a positive Start to the day. To grab which foods you, but it is crucial. As some of you should not take on an empty stomach.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, say many nutrition experts. But what’s crucial is what you eat in the morning. Because some of the food is not get an empty stomach especially good. FOCUS Online spoke with gut expert Stefan Hillejan. He advises five foods in the Morning.

1. Yeast pastries

The included yeast in Croissants and Danishes irritates the stomach and can lead to bloating or gas formation. You have a sensitive stomach, you can enjoy pastries better during the day than in the morning for Breakfast.

2. Tomatoes

The tannic acid of the tomatoes increases the acid content in the stomach. As a result, a feeling of fullness or even pain.

3. Citrus fruits

The high acidity in citrus fruits can irritate the esophagus, especially if it is already inflamed. This can lead in the worst case, to an inflammation of the stomach mucosa. Instead of a half a Grapefruit in the Morning, berries are the better choice.

4. Black Coffee

On an empty stomach, black coffee increases the acid production of the stomach. There is no food to buffer the acid is present, it can react with the gastric mucosa is irritated. It is better to drink coffee in the morning with milk, because the alkaline milk reduces the acidity of the coffee.

5. Carbonated drinks

Carbonated Getränkeauf an empty stomach can slow down digestion and lead to the day constipation. Especially the contained phosphoric acid in Cola or the acidity of the Apples in Apple juice for an empty stomach is harmful.