The people in Wuhan are still in your home caught

As the star just three weeks ago, the last Time with Ao Mulin from Wuhan language, were in the world of 44,000 people infected, the vast majority in China. The disease expert of the Chinese government, Zhong Nanshan, was because of the fact that the peak of the epidemic was reached in mid, but no later than the end of February. Ao himself did not know at this time whether or not he was infected. Two weeks earlier, he and his mother had while in the hospital to investigate. However, so-called NAA Test were Kits there already have been. A computer tomography (CT) showed, however, in the case of both an inflammation of the lungs. They went with the medication home and put himself under quarantine.

The outbreak of the disease

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Residents of Wuhan reports

Three weeks later, Hubei, whose capital is Wuhan became of the Virus outbreak in the Central Chinese province, an epidemic that is spreading country by country in all over the world. At least 85,000 people have been infected with Covid-19, nearly 3,000 have died. The dark digits are likely to be much higher. How is Ao Mulin now? A phone call in Wuhan, the Eleven-million-city, which is cordoned off for over a month from the outside world:

“My mother and I feel better. Two weeks ago, we made the NAA Test and the results were negative. The CT Scan shows that the infection in my lungs is up to a small stain back gone. The doctor says it will take some time until it heals completely. We stay more at home. My father, we are not able to visit, since the 17. February on a closed ICU is. The biggest Problem is that his lungs don’t want to work again. He is ventilated with a machine.

“Control measures are even more stringent, hardly come out of the house”

The way I see it, has not improved the Situation in Wuhan, in the past three weeks. The control measures are even more stringent, we hardly come out of the house. The neighbourhood committees have made it mandatory that all residents order food online. We can’t leave our home without any permission at all.

What do I learn about the media, is that the medical Teams are still getting congested. The patients ‘ stories move me often to tears. While the situation as regards Material and beds, something has improved. But now the demand is high according to the blood plasma of people who have become healthy. The city is now building everywhere, blood donation stations, in order to get more blood.

The fear and Stress have not been solved. Three weeks ago our biggest concern was that we infect us. And we had to find for fear of not being in time to be tested and a hospital bed. We were under great pressure, because there was a lack of all medical devices and drugs. Now, it is not primarily the fear that the situation is improving. The city is now cut off for over a month from the outside world and we have no idea how long this will take. The flood of bad news every day is overwhelming: Every day, Doctors, nurses and patients die. In contrast to other places has improved in the city of Wuhan, in the whole Hubei province nothing. In many places of China, people have the opportunity to lead a normal life. But the people in Wuhan are trapped in your home.


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“The biggest concern is the state of my father is”

There is now also the first psychological support. Experts come to Hubei to help both patients and Doctors, and nurses. Many agencies and Newspapers have also set up Hotlines.

We have enough food and everything we need for everyday life. It’s just everything is awkward and also costs many times more. The government has ensured the supply of food, but the organization in the municipalities is not always smooth. Some of the collection, organize the orders, and others. Also the prices vary greatly. Therefore, there is some discomfort. Our biggest concern is, but in the Moment of my father’s condition. With everything else we can handle.”

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