Every cigarette is harmful, that is why we need a ban on tobacco advertising

Germany is the only country in the EU, in the advertising of tobacco and cigarettes is still allowed. But that could change, perhaps soon, the call for an advertising ban on louder and louder. On the Internet, radio and television, and in magazines advertising of tobacco products is already prohibited. On exterior surfaces such as billboards or advertising pillars, however, it is still allowed, as well as in the cinema, after 18 o’clock.

More than 50,000 people have expressed themselves in a Petition which was handed over to the German government drugs Commissioner, Marlene Mortler (CSU), for a complete ban on tobacco advertising. Also political movement into the deadlocked discussion. The professional politicians of the Union in the Bundestag agreed largely to the fact that the existing restrictions should also be on outdoor advertising expanded. So far, the Union parties had rejected, especially under the previous Faction leader Volker Kauder – strictly.

More than 50,000 supporters were able to win the initiators of a Petition against tobacco advertising for your concern. In Berlin, the signatures were representative of the drug by the Federal government, Marlene Mortler (CSU, l.).

Experts have been calling for for years, tobacco advertising. In the starInterview, explains psychologist and addiction researcher, Reiner Hanewinkel, head of the Institute for therapy and health research in the North in Kiel, why are tobacco advertising, especially for young people is dangerous, what, in his view, for a complete ban on tobacco advertising speaks to, and why E-cigarettes and hookahs not harmless.

Researcher in the Interview: “cigarette advertising to young people”

Mr Hanewinkel, you have a lot of research on the effects of tobacco advertising, and since a long time for a ban. Advertising for cigarettes has actually had such a strong impact?

Over a longer period of time, we have tracked young people and looked to see who starts to smoke. This is dependent on various factors, such as the circle of friends, the personality, or the advertising. We have several thousand young people who have never smoked, advertising images presented and you are asked, how often the advertisements have been seen, and whether they know the brand. The brand name we had previously removed digital. Two and a half years later, teenagers who had seen a lot of advertisements, and realized had to start at a much higher risk, with Smoking.

Reiner Hanewinkel

What traits make cigarette ads so attractive?

Many young people begin to smoke in adolescence – a stage in which you are unsure and the parents want to solve. The advertising pictures suggest independence, adulthood, independence, sociability, the Models are sexy. Cigarette advertising prohibited by the flower: If you reach for the Fags, you’re a grown-up, independent, successful, and sexy. In this Phase, of course.

Are young people seduced more by peers or family members to Smoking by advertising?

If it starts to smoke, depends, among other things, how old someone is, what type of school he attended or the social class of the parents house. Since the Smoking behavior of the parents and friends have a role. In our studies, the strongest factors are the risk-taking of young people and the influence of the circle of friends. If I am moving in a group in which Smoking is normal, it is more likely that I start. In secondary schools, it is clear smoked less frequently than at other schools. It is also the influence of the media, however, remains left – not as the only factor, but together with other factors, advertising has a large effect when it comes to Smoking.

The dangers of nicotine are now well known, even in schools, is informed. Young people, there is not enough information available to be able to decide for themselves?

There are great successes in the investigation. But the decline in Smoking numbers also contributed significantly to the non-smoker protection laws. The prices are increased significantly, the age at which you can buy cigarettes, was increased from 16 to 18 years, the Smoking bans were put First in schools. However, there are also new products entering the market – for example, the Shisha. Since there are considerable Misperceptions.

Union wants to give up the Blockade

Movement in the dispute over ban on tobacco Billboard advertising

What does that mean?

When I’m in schools on the road, I often hear: In the case of the hookah, the smoke is filtered through the water. But that is not true, but by the Cool down I have less irritation when you smoke, less cough, you can inhale more deeply. Actually, this is the opposite effect. There and also the new E-cigarettes that a lot of education work is still necessary.

Would you argue also for a ban on the advertising of E-cigarettes?

Our research has shown that adolescents who have seen a lot of advertising for E-cigarettes, start to VAPE E-cigarettes. And not only that, they consume also more likely to other nicotine products. Young people, trying a product, Smoking the other. And as for E-cigarettes advertise that they contain less pollutants, thinks the high school student: I can try. Research suggests that you make the transition later in life often to conventional cigarettes when you first smoked an E-cigarette. In the beginning, there are still social factors, such as the circle of friends that play a role, but at some point you are dependent on nicotine.

The guidelines for tobacco advertisements are already relatively strictly. However, while tobacco, the fight is announced, for example, advertising for alcohol is everywhere. And in the case of football transfers are constantly commercials for betting providers displayed. Should there be also been thinking about a ban?

In the case of alcohol advertising, you run to me open doors. For example, sports and alcohol do not go together for me at all. Why must hot the Arena auf Schalke Veltins-Arena? This combination I find strange. I, therefore, restrictions on Advertising in favour of, for example, for the field of sport. A big difference however, there is to Smoking: Every cigarette is harmful. Smoking adds dimensions to proved the body the most damage. The alcohol in lower amounts in adult age, in General, no harmful effects.

Germany is the only EU country that allows cigarette advertising. Why is this so?

Good lobby work of the tobacco industry – otherwise it cannot be explained. Especially individuals in the CDU/CSU have slowed down the project. Even the Chancellor has been in use for a ban, there was already a bill in the last legislature, was not adopted in the Bundestag. The SPD, the greens and large parts of the CDU to support the ban on tobacco advertising.

How likely do you think a ban on advertising?

I hope it comes this time, actually. However, I fear that it pulls back only the outdated Text of the WHO tobacco framework Convention in which it is just a classic tobacco. This could be for the E-cigarette is a loophole. Overall, I’m optimistic that now that the discussion flared up again, and also the CDU moves, something can happen.

Here you will find the Petition to ban outdoor advertising for tobacco.