IVF and successful conceiving: the way toward pregnancy

Assisted Reproductive Technologies implement the latest achievement in the infertility treatment sphere. One of the most effective ways is to undergo IVF procedures which are prescribed in many difficult cases.

This article will tell you all essential info about IVF procedure with subsequent tips where to address.

IVF procedure in terms

IVF (in vitro fertilization) – is a fertilization that is carried outside the woman’s body by supervision of specialists.

During the procedure, the doctor punctures the ovary and extracts the egg cells, which are subsequently fertilized by partner’s (or donor’s) sperm outside the mother’s body under special conditions (in the sterile laboratory where the temperature of the woman’s body is maintained).

If the quality and motility of the partner’s sperm is reduced, a single spermatozoon is directly introduced into the egg using a microneedle. This method is called – ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection).

After a few days of monitoring, the obtained embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterine cavity, where they continue their development.

IVF in Ukraine

Ukraine tends to be the country of the newest technological treatment – from Stem cells to IVF and Surrogacy.

You can easily receive the IVF Fertility treatment in private medical establishments that are on the same quality level as the European ones.

One of the most renowned and popular is ADONIS International, this clinic provides a wide variety of treatment options in the Fertility area and more.

Reproductive medicine is one of the most demanded from their departments.

IVF Programs in ADONIS are distinguished by well-thought medical and nonmedical services. The full-cycle treatment helps to control every step from diagnosis to therapy and recovery.

ADONIS capacities include the following:

  • own diagnosis laboratory
  • own embryo laboratory
  • own cryo laboratory
  • own genetic material donors base
  • own surrogate database
  • own maternity houses

On the first competent consultation, your doctor will identify the treatment program steps according to individual test results, health history and personal request.

IVF procedure in ADONIS clinic

Every case (where infertility takes place) is unique and special. Therefore, it is crucial to find a professional that will prescribe you a proper treatment plan individually for your couple.

ADONIS staff include the doctor’s selection that are renowned not only in Ukraine, but in the world. Their experience is at least 10-15 years, it only means the one fact – you can totally trust them.

The process of ADONIS IVF is structured according to following stages:

  • Stimulation and puncture process – stimulation of the woman’s ovarian to extract the egg cells.
  • Fertilization process – egg cells are fertilized with the help of sperm. ICSI procedure is also possible with usage of modern microneedles which ensure the integrity of cells.
  • Incubation – ADONIS ‘own embryo laboratory ensures the conditions are as similar as possible to the conditions inside the woman’s body for proper development (temperature, humidity, air permeability, etc.)
  • Embryo transfer – the best quality (according to development stage and healthy aspect) is directly transferred into the uterine cavity of the mother (or Surrogate mother) for further development.
  • Monitoring – support during the luteal phase (embryo implantation process) with specially prescribed medicines, lifestyle and professional monitoring until HCG results .
  • Successful conceiving – in ADONIS own laboratory the ultrasound confirms the fetus heartbeat.

IVF procedure for fertility issues is the right and proper way that is already confirmed by many families around the world.

Try it by yourself.