Reddit Is Throwing All the Red Flags Over This Dad Who Steals His Kids' Presents

Despite elves who report back to Santa — and the threat of Santa seeing you even “when you’re sleeping” — kids will still be kids, even at Christmas. That means they are probably going to act up because (duh!) because it’s impossible to be good all the time. But instead of showing a little grace, this one dad on Reddit took an extreme approach: he started stealing his kids’ presents from right under the tree. Talk about a real-life Grinch!

“This happened before Christmas, but there is still tension in the house and I just need advice,” a mom wrote in the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit about her husband of three years. She explained that they both have children from previous relationships in their blended family, an 8-year-old girl and a 6-year-old boy.

“My husband started taking away presents from the Christmas tree for the children that he bought them, when the kids misbehave,” the mom wrote. “I didn’t really get a say in it since he was the one that bought the presents for the kids.”

This is awful! Christmas should never be used as a punishment and taking presents from right under the tree is just cruel. She doesn’t explain what their misbehavior was, but I’m having a hard time thinking of anything justifying that sort of reaction. Not to mention, the mom should absolutely have a say. It’s her husband and her kids, too, so the fact that she thinks she has no authority in the home is another huge problem with this scenario.

Apparently, the couple do not share money because the mom mentioned she saved up for a special present for her daughter.

“My daughter has been asking me for months to get her a switch, so I decided to save a bit and buy her one for Christmas,” the mom wrote. “It was sitting under the tree, then suddenly on Christmas Eve I noticed it was gone.”

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