Alzheimer’s prevention-brushing by teeth

Norwegian researchers that can be avoided with good oral hygiene, not just tooth decay, but possibly also Alzheimer’s. The scientists have discovered a clear connection between the bacteria that cause gum disease, and mental deterioration.

The researchers have found that gum disease play a crucial role in whether a person is suffering from Alzheimer’s or not: "We have found a DNA-based evidence that the bacteria that cause inflammation of the gums, to move from the mouth to the brain können", Piotr Mydel from Broegelmanns Research Laboratory of the University of Bergen said. The bacteria produce a Protein that destroys nerve cells in the brain, which eventually leads to memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. Mydel explained that the bacterium alone causes Alzheimer’s disease, the risk for the development of the disease, however, increased significantly and also their means of contributing.

However, you can use do something to minimize these Alzheimer’s-cause: tooth brushing and flossing. Mydel added that it was important to go regularly to the dentist and brush the teeth correctly, especially if one suffers from inflammation of the gums and their family members suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Together, the scientists are now working on a possible new approach to fighting Alzheimer’s disease: "We have managed to develop a drug that blocks the harmful enzymes in the bacteria and the development of Alzheimer’s is delayed. We plan to use this drug in the course of this year to testen", so Mydel.