Doctors warn: to brush with activated charcoal for the teeth, is not only pointless, but dangerous

In the social media – especially on Instagram – immersed in the image for some time, more and more: teeth with a granular black powder. Really appetizing, doesn’t that look most of the time, if you believe the advertising promises, it should be very effective. Brushing your teeth with black toothpaste, which is made of active carbon, to make the teeth white, it is called.

Especially Influencers swear by the products and promote them on their channels. In the Online Shops, a Tube will be offered from eight euros. Due to the prominent advertising, more and more people use the black toothpaste in everyday life. The hoped-for effect, you are not likely to achieve, however. On the contrary, active carbon, toothpaste can even be dangerous, warn dentists.

Active charcoal toothpaste often contains no fluoride

Scientists from the Manchester Dental School have explored what effect the increasingly popular at the end of a tooth cleaning method actually. In the study, which was published in the “British Dental Journal” that has activated charcoal toothpaste as a “Marketing gimmick”. Apparently, many people are looking for a simple way to whiter teeth on the tricks of celebrities, Influencers and industry in Advertising.

Brushing with activated charcoal whitens teeth by no means, say the authors, who have analysed 50 products from the USA. In most of the pastes no fluoride is even. The result is that the teeth take even more damage. The experts warn, therefore, not to use toothpaste with activated charcoal: This tooth decay and gum can be caused, inflammation, in addition, the tooth is abraded enamel.

“Don’t believe the Hype,” warns Damien Walmsley from the Association of British dentists to the BBC. “Active charcoal toothpaste is not a panacea for all that want a perfect Smile, and has serious risks.” He has different advice: if you want to have whiter teeth should contact their dentist.

Source: BBC / British Dental Journal