See Sherri Shepherd and Ashley Graham Lead Body-Positive Swimsuit Campaign

Ashley Graham is no stranger to showing off her curves in swimsuits. But in a new collaborative, co-ed campaign called Every.Body.Counts, she’s confidently hitting the beach with a group of “real” women and men that includes Sherri Shepherd! The comedian, who cut sugar from her diet in 2018 and lost 35 pounds, beams as she shows off her body in multiple suits.

The shoot is part of a body-positive partnership with Swimsuits For All, which Graham designs a line for, and men’s brand KingSize. Also starring in the summer shoot: Sports Illustrated rookie of 2019 Tara Lynn, plus-size model Emme and male influencers Kelvin Davis, Bruce Sturgell, Zach Miko and Najee Fox.

Graham thinks it’s also important to include guys in the body-positive movement. “We know that women’s bodies are historically more judged and scrutinized, but we also recognize that men are subject to those pressures as well,” she says. “This partnership shows our continued commitment to represent and celebrate different body types and sizes, supporting the confidence journey for everyone. Guys, we see you too!”

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit beauty is an outspoken advocate for inclusivity in modeling. But, as she told Us Weekly in January 2019, confidence and acceptance starts inside each one of us. “I wish that it was as easy as saying ‘Here’s a magic pill,’ and then [self-doubt] will all go away, but first of all you’re not alone. It’s a journey that everyone is going on. Even men are going on this journey,” Graham noted. “And then you have make choice to change your own mind, and if you’re not willing to do the work and put the effort into changing your own mind, then nothing will change… It’s all up to you.”

Scroll through to see the images from the fun campaign!

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