Woman’s Warning After Botched Fillers Nearly Made Her Lip 'Fall Off'

Interesting factoid for your Tuesday: More Aussies than ever are experimenting with lip fillers. But before you take the leap, know this: for such a simple procedure it can go very, very wrong – let what happened to influencer Cassidy Valentine serve as a cautionary tale.

The UK-based vlogger had a terrifying reaction after her filler was administered by an incompetent beautician who, unbeknown to her, had previously botched hundreds of faces.

“My lip got bigger and bigger by the hour, the right side was massive,” she recalled on her YouTube channel. But after voicing her concerns to the beautician, she was assured the extreme swelling was ‘normal’ and prescribed antihistamines in case of an allergic reaction.

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Please tag your friends and whoever else that may get fillers done or is thinking of it! Hi guys, so I wanted to make this video to make people aware of the real dangers of lip fillers. I almost lost my top lip and my eyesight. In this video I show you the ins and outs of the procedure and how I got it fixed. I was told by the clinic who botched me that this was normal and to just take antihistamines which are allergy tablets. If I hadn't followed my gut instinct, I would be without a top lip and more than likely blind. This is what @FlawlessCosmetic done to me and several others (However most were gagged by contract). Luckily @consultant_clinic noticed that my artery looked occluded and saved me. #lipfillers #botched #flawlesscosmetics #explorepage #lipinjections #lipinjection #makeup #bauty #hudabeauty #mua #aesthetics

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Still, Cassidy trusted her gut and sought a second opinion. To her dismay, a doctor confirmed her worst fears: the filler had blocked an artery in her lip, cutting off blood flow so badly that the tissue was in danger of dying:

“My lip was literally hours from falling off,” she said.

Thankfully, a dissolving agent was injected into her lip to unblock the artery and get blood flowing again – and just in the nick of time. If left any longer, Cassidy may also have lost her vision, since it’s possible for filler injected into an artery to travel to the corner of the eye and into the retina.

Today, Cassidy has made a full recovery, but now she’s using her massive following to warn others of the risks.

“I wanted to make this video to make people away of the real dangers of lip fillers,” she explained. “I am glad this happened to me so I can use my platform to tell other people about it.”

“I know I act all normal and happy on video, but this is the reality of what it has done to me. And I wasn’t even the worst case,” she added. “I did something very stupid and I learned my lesson.”

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