Newborn Baby left in the hospital – the father is filming the scene

In a hospital in the US state of Arizona, the twins come to the world only a few seconds later, a clinic staff one of the babies from the hands. The father is filming the scene and provides the Video on Facebook online.

The incident occurred in the city of Chandler, in the U.S. state of Arizona. At the local hospital, the twins Morgan and Madison came to the world.

Short after the birth was a hospital employee, one of the girls from the hands, and landed on a table. The nurses were able to just prevent the newborn from falling to the ground. The father filmed the scenes and put the Video then click Facebook online.

Baby: mother, posted the Video on Facebook

Under the Video, the mother tells how the bad Situation &quot had perceived: ;My daughter Morgan fell due to the negligence of the staff on the head. I was never informed that she was dropped and no Tests have been performed, after they had dropped. I would like to prevent other children are born in this hospital." The Video has already been shared 60,000 Times.

Compared to the US-American news portal "abc15" the mother: &quot said;I have the feeling that my Baby was treated like a Sack of potatoes."

After falling on table: Internal bleeding in Baby

To be added to your Facebook Post later that the girl had to due to premature birth, twelve days in the ICU spend. In the case of a head ultrasound, it was found later that this was when the Baby’s internal bleeding on the left side of the head.

Such bleeding could in preterm infants more often, said a nurse to "abc15", and have no other worse consequences.

The mother of the child is, however, not sure whether the bleeding could also be from the fall shortly after the birth of stirring. A näherr explanation of where exactly the bleeding came, not receiving the parents, as you said.

Hospital in Arizona: Apparently, no apology from the staff

The father had addressed the employees of the hospital to the incident – had not apologized for his carelessness.

The hospital gave the Portal "abc15" no further information and referred to the protection of the patient. Despite all this, the daughter, in the meantime, well, as the parents say.

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