Only six out of ten women have access to contraceptives

Many women in the world can’t decide who you marry, with whom you have Sex and how many children you get. A study by the population Fund of the UN (UNFPA) estimates now, how many women are affected. Accordingly, more than 200 million women worldwide have no access to contraceptives, although you want to prevent a pregnancy.

The analysis is valid for 51 industrialized and developing countries for which such data were available. Therefore, only 57 percent of women living in a relationship have access to contraception and health care and can decide freely about the sexual relationship with your Partner.

The greatest freedom have women in the countries studied, therefore, in the Ukraine and the Philippines, where 81 percent of the women about the sex lives and pregnancies decide. In Mali, Niger and Senegal, the same applies, however, only seven percent of the women – the lowest value in the comparison between the 51 countries studied. Germany was not taken into account in the investigation.

The poorer the women are, the report shows, the smaller your Chance to get the funds – this is true both in industrial as in developing countries. UNFPA-Executive Director Natalia Kanem, said that without this access, the Power to make decisions over her own body lacks the women. For example, if you wanted to get pregnant. Therefore, they could not shape their own future.

Overall, significantly more women have access to contraceptives than it was even fifty years ago. It was in 1969, 24 percent, the number increased to 58 percent in the year 2019, estimate the researchers.