Woman with fibromyalgia lands job testing cannabis

Only eight people out of 25,000 applicants were chosen for the highly coveted role, after a seven-month selection process.

‘It’s was a long process but I am really in the dream job of a lifetime,’ she said.

‘When I found out I’d got the job I lost my mind. I got up and started dancing, my mind was totally blown, it was so surreal’.

When Kayla was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at the age of ten, she was prescribed medicines which barely eased her pain.

‘I was living in misery from pain, taking about twelve prescription medications every day, but sometimes I could hardly move, so I had to look for alternatives,’ she says. ‘I discovered that weed and CBD oil could significantly reduce my pain.’

Kayla doesn’t take prescription medications anymore and leads a busy, physically active life. But the cannabis connoisseur is keen to warn that the substance must be used with caution.

‘Anyone who is thinking of trying cannabis for the first time, either for recreational use or medicinal purposes, should get educated first,’ she advises.

‘It’s also so important to be very careful with dosing, we always go for microdoses, “low and slow” is the mantra.

‘It’s really beautiful to see the progression here in Canada.

‘I am a black woman, who would typically be victimised for using cannabis, now I’m sitting on the Curation Committee and speaking out publicly about the benefits.’

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