Twins come in Cologne, Germany with 97 days of the time difference on the world

Liana and Emma are sisters, even twins. Nevertheless, each has it’s own birthday. The first born was already in the 27. Pregnancy week on the world – then the story became a minor Sensation.

Already on 17. November 2018, had been born in the little Liana as a premature baby. Only at the 22. February 2019 was followed by her fraternal twin sister, Leonie. Both girls are healthy and developed well.

Liana weighed at birth, only 900 grams, the sister brought 3700 grams on the scale. In the meantime, both girls had achieved a weight of about 5700 grams.

After the first birth, the mother’s mouth again quickly

Such a "two-time Zwillingsgeburt" worldwide is very rare, informed the hospital of Cologne-Holweide.

In this case each child had its own placenta through which it in the womb supplies had been explained to the clinic. After the birth of the first child of the mother’s mouth had closed again quickly, the contractions decreased. The pregnancy with the other twin could then go without any complications.

"The conditions were also by the presence of a second placenta very well, and we wanted to try, the second child goes as long as it’s in the mother to allow the body tires,“ explains Uwe Schellenberger, Chief physician of the maternity clinic in the hospital, Holweide, compared to the "Cologne Express".