Meghan Markle's Response to Being Called a "Fat Lady" Was Perfect

Royal pregnancies are subject to endless scrutiny and there are bound to be at least one or two, uh, awkward moments. The key is to take it all in stride, and that’s exactly how Meghan Markle responded to being called a “fat lady” during a visit to an animal shelter on Wednesday.

The Duchess of Sussex, who happens to be a dog lover, selected the animal charity Mayhew as one of her new patronages and this week she stopped by to meet with staff, volunteers, and (of course) the adorable animals. “What a lovely lady you are. May God bless you,” Peggy McEachrom told Markle. “And you’re a fat lady!” she added, gesturing to the Duchess’ baby bump.

I’m not quite sure how well I’d handle being referred to as “fat,” even from the most well-intentioned person, but luckily Markle handled it like a pro and immediately burst out laughing. “I’ll take it,” she responded.

McEachrom also predicted that Markle and Prince Harry will have a baby boy — which puts her at odds with the bookies who are nearly certain that a little girl is on the way and her name will be Diana. According to Meghan, she and Harry don’t know the gender, but they’ve been asking everyone around them to weigh in. “Oh, you think it’s going to be a boy?” she asked McEachrom. “It’s a surprise. We don’t know what we’re having. I ask everyone what they think, and everyone has a very strong opinion about it.”

As social media users were quick to point out, in many cultures “fat” is meant as a compliment to pregnant women and based on McEachrom’s kind tone, that was the case in this encounter.

My real question remains whether it’s McEachrom or the bookies who have correctly predicted the gender. It looks like we won’t have to wait long to find out — Markle recently revealed that she’s six months along, so there will be another royal baby in no time.




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