Fat burner and health booster: What makes the lemon to the wonder weapon Video

Lemons are true all-rounders. They are healthy and strengthen our immune system. Especially in Winter, the citrus is used fruit in teas. Why you should but throughout the year, lemons food, explains nutrition expert Antje Gahl.

Whether as a juice, to fish or as a tea: lemons are not only extremely versatile, you are also said to have many positive properties. Antje Gahl, spokesperson for the German society for nutrition, explains what is really in the screaming yellow citrus fruits.

Vitamin-C Supplier

With approximately 50 milligrams per 100 grams of lemons have a high Vitamin C content. This strengthens the immune system and helps due to its antioxidant effect, prevent diseases. Gahl explains, however, “Nevertheless, the extra portion of Vitamin C in the cold Season of the year is not a miracle cure for colds. The best prevention is, Vitamin C-rich foods such as lemon to eat for the whole year.“

In the peel of the lemon so-called monoterpenes, substances of the secondary plant to plug. These protect the Plant against diseases, promote growth, and serve as a fragrance and flavoring substances. You have but also for people a positive impact.

Antje Gahl says, “monoterpenes are anti-carcinogenic. That is, they possess anti-cancer properties.“ Such secondary plant substances, such as in the citric affect many metabolic processes of human beings and can contribute to health.

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What’s in the lemon

Lemons also provide Magnesium. This mineral is required by our body to activate certain enzymes that are essential for the transmission of impulses along the nerves to the muscles needed.

Also, lemons with just 40 calories per 100 grams, low in calories and contain little to no fats or carbohydrates.

As you take the lemon, is entirely up to your own taste. In order to reach your full Potential, you should make sure to process not only her juice, but at least occasionally, their shell.