Vitamin D deficiency symptoms: Six signs you should never ignore

Vitamin D is an incredibly important vitamin.

It can have serious effects on the body if we don’t get enough.

Our bodies make Vitamin D from cholesterol when it is exposed to sunlight.

While it can be found in certain fatty fish and dairy products, it’s very hard to get it from diet alone.

Not getting enough Vitamin D can leak to muscle weakness, fatigue and even mental health problems.

But it’s sometimes not easy to spot whether you have a Vitamin D deficiency, as symptoms tend to be subtle.

Here are six signs you are lacking Vitamin D, which you should never ignore.

5. Fatigue and tiredness

Feeling tired is a very common symptom of Vitamin D deficiency.

But the potential cause of feeling tired is often overlooked.

Feeling fatigued over a long period can have a negative effect on quality of life.

6. Slow wound healing

If you have a wound after an injury or surgery, and it is healing slowly, it could be down to Vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D produces the compounds crucial to forming new skin and part of the healing process.

The nutrient is also thought to be crucial in controlling inflammation and fighting infection.

As well as getting Vitamin D from sunlight or through your diet, it is also possible to take supplements.

The NHS and Public Health England recommend 10 micrograms a day for most people.

Keep in mind, taking too many Vitamin D supplements over a longer period of time can cause to much calcium to build up in the body, says the NHS.

If you think you may have a Vitamin D deficiency you can speak to your doctor about having your blood levels measured.

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