High blood pressure symptoms: The one sign you should NEVER ignore

High blood pressure is a big concern as it can make you prone to heart attacks and strokes.

The condition, also known as hypertension, affects a whopping 25% of people living in the UK.

Symptoms include headaches, shortness of breath, dizziness and even chest pains.

But there’s one sign you should never ignore.

According to medical website LiveStrong, unexplained nosebleeds could be a warning sign of uncontrolled hypertension.

Nosebleeds might be caused by a hypertensive emergency, which is where the blood pressure rises above 180/120mmHg.

If you think you’re experiencing the condition, you must seek medication attention immediately.

“Hypertension rarely produces overt symptoms and can be deadly it left uncontrolled”


The website states: “Called the ‘silent killer’, hypertension rarely produces overt symptoms and can be deadly it left uncontrolled.

“If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact a health care professional right away. These symptoms can worsen acutely and in some cases result in sudden death.

“You should seek immediate assistance from a health care professional if you’re experiencing muscle tremors or a sudden fall, blurred or loss of vision, severe nosebleeds, or coughing up blood.

“If you’re already diagnosed with hypertension and experience new symptoms upon starting a new blood pressure medication you should consult your physician right away.”

However, the NHS claims nosebleeds aren’t usually anything to worry about.

Having a nosebleed is common and can be treated at home.

If you’re worried about high blood pressure, you must visit your local GP.

Alternatively, visit the NHS website for more information on how to lower your hypertension.

Learning the warning signs of high blood pressure is also recommended, headaches and blurred vision are all symptoms.

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