The most famous coma-Patient in France is to die

After years of litigation, should die of the most famous coma-Patient in France: In the University hospital of Reims in Eastern France, the Doctors want to finish in the next week, the artificial feeding of Vincent Lambert – against the fierce resistance of parents which went for the life of your son in all instances.

The 42-Year-old is since a motorcycle accident ten years ago, in a kind of awake coma. The parents of the former nurse to want to go to the last on the barricades: Under the Motto "I support Vincent" has announced his mother Viviane for Sunday a protest action in front of the hospital in Reims. "In France in the year 2019, no one with Hunger and thirst, sterben&quot should;, the 73-Year-old, which is like your 90-year-old man, Pierre, as a strict Catholic explains.

Support to get the parents of the Church: The Archbishop of Reims, Eric de Moulins-Beaufort, called upon the authorities, "not the way for the euthanasia to gehen".

The Doctors leave open the question of when exactly the artificial diet want to quit

The dispute has been brewing since around six years and has led the parents of Vincent Lambert up front of the highest authorities of France and of the Council of Europe. The European court of human rights in Strasbourg rejected at the end of April for the second Time in their opposition against the projects of Doctors. Previously, the French Council of state as Supreme administrative court had decided in the sense of the doctors.

The case of Vincent Lambert is not divided, only Doctors and parents, but also to the family: Lambert’s wife, and several brothers and sisters of the awake coma, in contrast, are patient, the life-support to continue the measures. The Doctors leave open the question of when exactly in the coming week the artificial diet want to quit. Lambert is likely to die a few days later.

Whether Vincent Lambert of the fight for his life, knowing something is uncertain. He is paralyzed since his accident landscape, the Doctors refer to his condition as vegetative. According to a report from November, he has "no more access to his Bewusstsein".