Did A New Zealand Kid Become The Inspiration For Choosing Baby Sussex’s Name?

Ever since the newest royal was named Archie Harrison, everybody has been wondering about the inspiration that made the first-time parents choose this name. It looks like a New Zealand boy has the key to satiate everyone’s curiosity.

An Auckland-based boy, probably below 10 years of age, told something that might answer the most asked question of the recent days. He said that he met the royal pair during one of their trips to New Zealand and that was when Prince Harry asked his name. As soon as the boy told him the same, the latter expressed an instant liking towards it. “Archie, I like it”, responded Harry. At that time, he even called his better half to greet the kid and introduce his name. Sounds like the little guy has a point there! It might be true that he is the one to have inspired the couple.

The Sussex duo shared their big news through social media on May 6th. Since then, every fan of the royal family had been waiting for the baby boy’s name announcement. The day when it was revealed that the little bundle of joy would be called Archie Harrison, well-wishers all over the world showered their blessings on the new-born. Along with all the excitement, there was an equal interest to find out its meaning.

While Meghan and Harry might have had their own reasons to select their son’s name, we have to admit that it’s indeed a good choice – different from the regular royal names. Like every other parent in the world, the new father’s happiness was oozing out when he made the first family appearance after Archie’s birth. He shared about feeling proud of his beloved wife who gave him the most amazing thing he ever had. “I’m over the moon right now, this little one is to die for”.

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