Tefal OptiGrill: contact grill for perfectly grilled meat at the best price

A Steak on your own to prepare, can be difficult. Even star chefs, it is not easy to get the perfect degree of doneness. Did you know that there is a device that does exactly this? FOCUS Online the perfect barbecue has found help at a best price of 99 Euro for you.

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As the FOCUS Online users you get the grill at a bargain.

The offer at a Glance

  • Tefal GC702D OptiGrill: innovative contact grill for that perfect Steak
  • Test winner in the contact grill for the best price of 99 Euro
  • Perfect grill temperature light indicator
  • Customer satisfaction, including: Amazon rating 4.5 stars buy the Tefal OptiGrill

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FOCUS Online users have to pick the exclusive option of the OptiGrill for the best price to his home.For that you get a Grill that conjures up the perfect Steaks – and at an unbeatable price.

But not only your Steak is done hot, and perfectly cooked. With six pre-set grill programs for burgers, poultry, Sandwiches, sausages, fish and also Steaks, you will never be bored on your dining plan. The previous defrost, with the grill just as easily possible. Tefal

The Optigrill from Tefal has of Stiftung Warentest, the test verdict “Good”


Perfect Heat Distribution

The Tefal GC702D OptiGrill has already caused a stir. 2015 Stiftung Warentest took electric grills under the microscope, the result is The OptiGrill from Tefal is the Best, and can call the winner of the test. Especially good was, among other things, the uniform distribution of the heat rating. The fat can drain because of the slanted grill surface well. The Amazon customers of the Tefal GC702D are excited: the BBQ was an average of a rating with a great score of 4.5 stars. You look at the price-performance ratio, the Grill is one of the Best on the market.

However, not only the functions but also the price. Compared with similar products with such convincing quality of Tefal GC702D OptiGrill also has the nose front.   

Data and facts

  • Light indicator
  • Grilling surface: 33 cm wide, 20 cm deep
  • Keep warm function
  • 2000 Watts Of Power
  • Automatic shut-off
  • Dishwasher-safe

The way to the perfect Steak is now not playing with fire anymore. The operation is easy to understand and intuitive. The heating time is depending on the selected program only for about five minutes. Automatically the thickness of the Grill material is measured, and the BBQ cycle, and the temperature can be adjusted.

By a beep and a light indicator shows when the Grill to the desired Doneness has been reached. By a manual setting can be grilled at a constant temperature of 240° C. This is particularly suitable for grilling vegetables. Now the Tefal OptiGrill buy

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