Jessica Simpson Just Revealed She’s ‘Doing A Lot Of Walking’ Post-Baby

  • In a new interview, Jessica Simpson just shared how she’s getting back in shape after having her third child.
  • Since Birdie Mae was born in March 2019, Jessica has been walking a lot and eating healthier.
  • She also said she’s developed a new love of cauliflower.

Jessica Simpson is on top of the world right now. For starters, the singer and entrepreneur just celebrated her 39th bday with an amazing leopard bikini photo (like, seriously, wow). Plus, she just announced she’ll be releasing her memoir in February 2020.

As if all that weren’t enough, Jessica’s seriously stepping up her fitness with the goal of getting back in shape after her tough pregnancy with her third baby, Birdie Mae, born in March 2019. (I mean, how can you forget the photo she posted of her preggers-induced super swollen feet or that bout with bronchitis?!)

Now that Birdie’s a few months old, Jessica just shared with People what she’s been doing to get back in shape. “I am working really hard right now,” she told the publication. “It’s not easy at all, but I am determined to feel good. I have been doing a lot of walking—getting my steps in not only burns calories but it also helps me clear my head and get focused.”

Jessica has previously said she’s lost weight using Weight Watchers, just like these other celebs:

Besides getting moving, Jessica’s also making some adjustments to her diet. “I am eating healthy, too—I discovered I really like cauliflower,” she explained. “Who knew it could be a substitute for almost anything?!”

Kudos to Jessica for easing back into her post-pregnancy fitness routine.

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