Gruesome footage shows a mosquito being plucked out of woman’s EAR

Buzz off! Gruesome footage shows a mosquito being plucked out of woman’s EAR after she complained of constant noise

  • The unnamed woman visited her doctor complaining of a buzzing noise
  • Examination by a medic found a mosquito was lodged deep in her ear canal 
  • Reports say she needed the mosquito removed to avoid hearing damage 

Mosquitoes’ shrill buzz is a nuisance as it is – but one unfortunate woman had to put up with it endlessly in a nightmarish scenario.

Doctors found a mosquito had become stuck in the depths of her ear canal, and she had no idea. 

Gruesome footage shows the pesky insect being plucked from her ear. It is not clear if the mosquito survived.

Gruesome footage shows a mosquito being plucked out of woman’s ear after she complained of constant noise. It was quickly visible upon examination (pictured)

The doctor in Vietnam swiftly removed the mosquito with tweezers

The woman, from Dien Bien Province, Vietnam, visited the doctor complaining of constant buzzing noise in her ear, according to Newsflare.

Upon investigation with a small camera, it was clear what the problem was – there was a mosquito in her ear.

It was reportedly a nasty shock for the woman, who needed to have the mosquito removed to avoid hearing damage.

The doctor used tools what are, essentially, long and thin tweezers to extract the mosquito on September 18.

The mosquito was removed to minimize potential damage

The mosquito after it was extracted with tweezers

According to the unnamed medic, mosquitoes and other small insects can easily fly into people’s ears when travelling on the road.

Although rare, they can cause ear damage or irritation while the insect tries to get out. 

The most common complication from an insect in the ear is a ruptured eardrum, known medically as ruptured tympanic membrane.

It occurs from trauma of the bug scratching around the eardrum, causing pain and possibly bloody discharge. 

If the insect isn’t removed completely, it’s possible an infection can arise, too. 


There have been cases of all sorts of insects getting suck in people’s ears – including scavenging cockroaches.

They are the most common insects to get inside the ear, according to experts. 

One unnamed woman in Guatemala visited a volunteer fire station near her house complaining of dizziness and headaches.

On closer inspection medics there found a dead cockroach lodged in her ear and removed it with tweezers.

They posted a video online of the grotesque removal with the caption ‘You will sleep well tonight!’

A Florida woman also made the same  stomach-churning discovery, and doctors didn’t manage to remove the entire insect for nine days. 

Coby Schal, an entomologist of North Carolina State University, told National Geographic in 2017: ‘It’s actually not an uncommon phenomenon to have a cockroach in the ear.

‘Roaches are searching for food everywhere, and earwax might be appealing to them.

‘A roach could go in to explore and then get stuck.’

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