Constant neck pain cancer may also be caused by

Are you looking for in the case of ongoing neck pain to a doctor

In a time in which more and more people develop cancer, early diagnosis is increasingly important. That’s why Physicians and patients should recognize the first symptoms, which cancer can suggest. Researchers announced now that persistent neck pain can be a warning sign for a cancer.

The scientists from the University of Exeter have found in their recent study that people with persistent neck pain, which are associated with shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, or ear pain, possibly cancer are ill. The doctors published the results of their study in the English journal “the British Journal of General Practice”.

Neck pain need not indicate always up to cancer

A normal inflammation of the throat is usually connected not with cancer of the larynx, Affected not to expire, therefore, in a panic, the experts emphasize. It is important, however, that the current study, give also evidence, which support the current recommendation that older patients with persistent hoarseness or neck pain to transfer a specialist.

What is laryngeal cancer?

Laryngeal cancer generally occurs more frequently in men and is strongly associated with tobacco and alcohol consumption. Such a cancer is detected, are used mainly for radiation therapy, surgery and chemotherapy treatment. The cancer is already far advanced, may need surgery to remove part of the larynx or the entire larynx, explain the doctors. Such people will not be able to talk normally, or to breathe. You will breathe through a permanent hole in your neck (Stoma) and need an additional treatment to your voice. This can implant a Neck or an electrical device act, which is held against the throat to produce sounds.

More than 4,000 subjects were examined

The University of Exeter-led research patient records from more than 600 physician practices, and 806 patients in whom laryngeal cancer was diagnosed was looking for. In addition, there were other 3.559 control patients. The doctors were able to determine that occurring with hoarseness of the voice may indicate a so-called laryngeal carcinoma, and the probability of such a laryngeal carcinoma increases significantly if, in addition, recurrent neck pain can occur.

What a pain to do in the case of particularly strong neck?

The study shows the potential severity of some of the combinations of symptoms, which were previously classified as low risk, explains study author Professor Willie Hamilton from the University of Exeter Medical School. It is not a matter of slight neck pain, but the neck must be in pain already so strong that a visit to the doctor is necessary, emphasizes the expert. People are accustomed to get from and to neck pain, and neck pain that are reported to family doctors, are usually unusually strong, adds the expert.

Early diagnosis is very important