Burger King Reportedly Adds Twix Milkshake to the Menu

Burger King may already have a gloriously sinful pie made with Twix — featuring creamy caramel whipped topping and crumbled pieces of Twix bars atop a vanilla crust — on its menu, but apparently, a Twix milkshake has also made its way to the menu. Though not confirmed by the fast food restaurant, the reviews are in, and they’re nothing but positive.

On May 14, YouTube food reviewer, Peep THIS Out!, raved about the reportedly limited-time-only Twix shake, calling it “amazing.”

According to the video’s description, the $3.99 shake is made with vanilla soft serve and crushed Twix pieces, “finished with sweet whipped topping and even more crushed Twix pieces.” We don’t even need to try the shake to know you can’t possibly go wrong with an excess of Twix.

“Very thick, very crunchy on those bits — that’s classic Twix flavor; that is amazing,” the man behind Peep THIS Out!, Ian Keiner, says in his review. “That is a really nice, rich Twix flavor on top of that vanilla. This is a treat; this is a real treat.”

The Fast Food Post reported that the new shake arrives following the departure of Burger King’s M&M’s shake, which hit the menu in January.

This Twix shake also likely directly rivals McDonald’s Twix McFlurry, an exclusive shake that was introduced to the U.K. market back in February. It was reported at the time that it would hop the pond and land in Florida this month, but we have yet to see evidence of the Twix McFlurry in the states.

In the meantime, looks like we’ll just have to get our fix at Burger King.

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