Bachelor in Paradise’s Katie Morton Has Narcolepsy and It Leaves Her ‘Constantly Tired’

On Bachelor in Paradise, Katie Morton’s main stressor seems to be whether her boyfriend Chris Bukowski is fully committed to their relationship — but behind the scenes, she’s also trying to deal with her narcolepsy.

The reality star, 26, opened up about managing the chronic sleep disorder — which causes constant drowsiness during the day and people with the condition will suddenly fall asleep at times — after a fan asked her about it on Instagram.

“I thought I read a post that said you have narcolepsy. Is it hard to manage while traveling, etc?” the fan asked during a Q&A session on Morton’s Instagram Story.

“It is/isn’t,” Morton responded. “I sometimes say WHY THE HECK am I so emotional? Or WHY am I so tired? Then I’m thinking…duh Katie, you are narcoleptic stop forgetting. But as a narcoleptic you know that you have brain fog and you’ll keep forgetting. It’s a cycle.”

Katie Morton

Morton said she’s learned how to manage the disorder over the years.

“I am constantly tired but I’ve learned when to take my medicine, what I can and can’t eat that will make me more naturally tired, and that sometimes I have to say NO to neon carnival at Stagecoach bc I just can’t go out with everyone else and stay awake,” she said.

Morton said that at 26, her sleep habits are pretty similar to elementary school students.

“I describe my narcolepsy to people like a little kid who needs a nap,” she said. “Sometimes I’m hyper before the nap and sometimes I’m whining.”

And Morton said that her narcolepsy can be beneficial at times — she missed out on the infamous Bachelor in Paradise drama at the Stagecoach Festival because she had to sleep.

“Turns out this year was a good year to turn in early,” she joked.


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