With these 14 Tricks to arm yourself against the heat

1. Drink, drink, drink

You can’t say it often enough: The body loses heat a lot of liquid. This can lead to dizziness, fatigue and lack of concentration. In extreme cases, cardiac arrhythmias or circulatory collapse threatening even. To prevent this, it is important to drink a lot. Normally, Doctors recommend that on the day 1.5 to 2 litres of fluid spread take in to. At high temperatures it should be much more calm the Double. This is especially true for older people. Sugary drinks such as Cola and soda are not meant by this, but water, diluted fruit juices and unsweetened fruit and herbal teas. Alcohol only in moderation – he is a burden on the circulation.

2. Fresh, light food

Hearty, oily or hot meals are recommended for high heat as well as too lavish portions. Both of which are charged to the organism. You’d better choose light food: fruit, salad and vegetables, cheese, fish, lean meat and dairy products. Water-rich fruits and vegetables such as melon, berries, cucumbers, and tomatoes, or vegetable broth to help in addition, the fluid and mineral loss.

3. Get out of the midday heat!

You avoid the blazing sun, looking for you to prefer a shady spot or go in a cool, well-ventilated room. Air conditioners are to be treated with caution: you can distribute germs and dry out the air.

4. RUB it in, don’t forget

Don’t overwhelm your skin with too much at once, but you get used to the sun gradually. And you protect them with a cream that has a high sun protection factor and in addition to the UV-B but also UV-A protection.

5. Appropriate Clothing

You pay attention to your clothes. It should be airy and not too tight sit. As a result, the air circulates well, the body can regulate its heat balance better. And as for the color: better to be bright than dark. Light colors reflect the sun’s light and heat is not as dark.

6. Not without my hat

Especially children should not go without a head covering in the sun. This is also true for people with short hair or bald. A hat protects you from sunburn and sunstroke including the head always stays a little cooler and overheated, not so fast. Also he should not rather be bright than dark, so it will be to hot.

7. Harbingers recognize

High temperatures to attack the body. Therefore, pay attention to the first signs of a strain such as fatigue, Nausea, dizziness, headache, and dizziness. You may be harbingers of a sunstroke, heat collapse or heat stroke. You immediately go into the shade or into a cooler environment, drink something and eat something Salty.

8. Snoozing on the weekend

What in other countries is normal, in Germany it is rather the exception: the Siesta or the afternoon NAP. With a professional the is hardly. But what speaks against it, on the weekend at lunchtime just for half an hour to close her eyes? Heat exhausted, a short break can work wonders. Longer than 20 to 30 minutes, the NAP should not last anyway.

9. Sports at the right time

Avoid heat, great physical effort, be it hauling Jogging or boxes. You lay such activities as on the evening when it’s cooler. Unless you go for a swim. They forget the Lotion is not before and after.

10. Cooling down in between

Sometimes the heat is almost unbearable. Some relief, brings a cool cloth on the neck or the décolleté. A foot bath is refreshing. Or you let the hands for a while, cold water wash running over the forearms. Body sprays with thermal water, or essential Oils can invigorate, and outside you can zufächern with a fan and some fresh air.

11. Heat and alcohol

The blazing sun and alcohol can be for some too much. This combination burden the circulation extremely and increases the risk of heart attack, experts say. It is therefore vital to Not overdo the water instead of drink beer and in between for cooling.

12. Build-up of heat in the car

Driving a car is in the heat particularly uncomfortable, because the car heats up strongly up to 60 degrees Celsius it can be. An air conditioning although it allows relief. However, it should not be set to cooling, advises the ADAC. The burden on the circuit. The difference between Indoor and outdoor temperature should not be more than six degrees Celsius. People with circulation problems could suffer when you get Off a collapse. You also avoid the cold air hits the body directly, because this can lead to tension. Protect children with sun protection film and RUB it carefully with a sun-protection cream. And always take plenty of drinks. Use them for longer trips, prefer the Morning and evening hours.

13. Medication: beware of unwanted side effects

In the case of medicines is three things to note: Some products are sensitive to heat and should be stored in the fridge. Check with your pharmacist to see if your is the case. Some means must be taken. These include blood pressure lowering medication, because heat can affect the blood pressure. They discuss each case with your doctor whether it is necessary to change in the summer of the dose. Last but not least, it also means that make the skin more sensitive to sun rays, such as antibiotics, heart medication, or St. John’s wort preparations. Here, too, you should let your doctor for advice.

14. Darkness for a better sleep

Because of recovery: Even at night the heat can be so oppressive that you zubekommt hardly one eye. So that the bedroom does not heat up too much, close the curtains or shutters during the day and reveal it only in the morning and in the evening when it is cooler. If it is particularly warm, it is sufficient often, just a sheet or very thin blanket to cover up.

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