Cosmetic surgeon: what SURGERY Want I say no

Social Apps with their airbrushed Selfies show a false reality. Especially young women are therefore, with their appearance more and more dissatisfied. The Apps manipulate the taste, such as inflatable boat apply to lips as ideal. FOCUS Online spoke with a plastic surgeon, sees this Trend critically.

Self-presentation is especially for young women, becoming more and more important. With the Selfie-Stick photos shot to show their best side. However, when compared with the very much airbrushed Selfies of Celebrities on the Social Apps are convinced most of these models not keep up. The can even make you sick.

A British study shows that Instagram, on which actors pose the most negative impact on self-image, followed by Snapchat and Facebook. The consequences in the individual: the body, feelings, satisfaction with their own appearance and Happiness suffer massively. More and more girls and young women are looking for help to plastic surgeons, and others to develop anorexia or bulimia.

Self-perception is disturbed

With this new and important subject of the Talk is “Self Awareness vs. self – optimization-A healthy self-image in times of the Selfie-mania” on the Colorful Beauty Days (BBDs) in Düsseldorf. As an expert with Afschin Fatemi, aesthetic surgeon is the specialist for facial and Eyelid and fat cover operations, as well as modern, non-surgical technologies. He is a conferences speaker at international trade, in this context, also Live surgeon. FOCUS Online spoke with Beauty experts, prior to a panel discussion on the topic of Selfie-obsession and self-perception.

FOCUS Online: especially young women, visually your Instagram idols to emulate, always flawless be. How do you as a plastic surgeon, this Trend of self-optimization, they would have to welcome him but really?

Afschin Fatemi: no, the obsession with beauty, through Instagram a boost in an unhealthy direction, I do not support. I have to deal more often with patients who have a through these Social Apps in a distorted, unrealistic image of the average people – and you, in your opinion, do not correspond.

FOCUS Online: The posted photos show but by no means the reality, therefore not being a role model?

Afschin Fatemi: that’s The big Problem. Many people watch the whole day, the pictures and keep it realistic. These photos are edited always. Some of the bloggers, influencer indoor and Actresses, I’ve already taken time live. I know you only from your photos on Instagram, and you meet on the street, would I recognize you at all. The differences are profound: As the body is stretched, the waist is sharpened, the Po increases, the face smoothed out, all the wrinkles removed, eyes larger made – all changes that could make a surgeon at all.

FOCUS Online: The pictures are, ultimately, a utopia, not a person in reality may correspond to, but realize many do not.

Afschin Fatemi: that’s Right, they realize this is not. You can see just how “great” the Idol looks like, that it has thousands to millions of followers – and the would you like to have. And then you go to the doctor.

FOCUS Online: what is your impression of today are more than five years ago, in the practice, with images of their idols on Instagram and the like?

Afschin Fatemi: Yes, this is happening more and more frequently. You say, I’d like to have great lips such as you, or as smooth legs, a round Butt. Many also come with their own Selfies, and by their appearance are not satisfied. But the Problem is a different one: If I take a photo of me and the phone weghalte only a Meter away from me, are distorted the proportions on the Selfie easily. The nose is a little wider than in reality. The some patients don’t realize, however. Because you do not know even right out of the mirror, but in front of all of her many, many Selfies that make you constantly, with a broad nose. And want to that is why the doctor a smaller.

FOCUS Online: It was called in earlier times, the mirror is lying not. Today, the distorted Image of the Selfies, reality is not but for many, the reality in the mirror. How will you convince the women of what is real and what was a Selfie?

Afschin Fatemi: I’ll go with you in front of the mirror and show you yourself again to see how you really are and not the distorted Selfie-image. The power of Persuasion. I take photos with a real camera, with a significant distance and then show them the images are not distorted.

FOCUS Online: How dangerous is the fact that so many young women have this distorted reality on Instagram and Selfies as a true reality suggest?

Afschin Fatemi: It creates an incorrect model, an incorrect idea of how a body, how a face looks. The solidified and these people to come early to the idea to let her look medically change. There are always more. An example: I can think of much to large lips, the so-called “inflatable lips”. If you go today through a big city, one always sees more and more younger people with these lips, this was a few years ago, yet so striking.

FOCUS Online: what is the reason for this preference for the oversized lips?

Afschin Fatemi: for me, This is a typical Instagram-Transmission. Personally, I don’t think oversized lips beautiful, but that’s a matter of taste. And taste is known to be characterised. To do this, we go the short way from Germany and Brazil: in the past, small Breasts were the ideal of beauty. Women had their Breasts therefore tend to shrink. In the ’70s,’ 80s American films were shown increasingly in Brazil, the Stars had large Breasts. As a result, the website taste changed in Brazil, they found large Breasts, many women, the Breasts don’t decrease, but increase. Taste can be so influence. Back to Germany: And because on Instagram a lot of idols present with greatly enlarged lips, find more and more of the user inside. It is, therefore, a new coinage, the taste will change so many, especially young people.

FOCUS Online: If young women to come to you with the desire, the lips enlarge to, would you do that?

Afschin Fatemi: Aesthetic treatments, I’m not in patients under the age of 21. However, even if someone is 90 years old came up to me and rubber boat lips would want, would be my answer: I won’t do That. Because if I don’t like something, I can’t do that to a patient!

FOCUS Online: How can young people today in spite of Instagram and the Selfie craze, a healthy self-image to preserve and get back?

Afschin Fatemi: that means That a healthy self-confidence to have yourself good to find, as it is. Now you will ask why a plastic surgeon says that because it is counterproductive for him.

FOCUS Online: is True. Why didn’t they tell the cosmetic surgeon, the lives of the profit that he made with his activity?

Afschin Fatemi: I think naturalness is wonderful. But if someone says, “I have pronounced droopy eyelids, or do I have eye bags or deep wrinkles, let me just 20 years older look”, then the things I like to treat are. If, however, there is a desire, so other to look like someone, an Idol to equal, I reject the. This also applies to Selfies. How wrong is the impression you convey, it shows a number that has revealed a study: The average teenager makes 28 Selfies, until he found one that he likes so that he posts it to the appropriate processing in Instagram. This is not only a sign of great uncertainty, but especially for active self-distortion.

This is a whole new, perhaps even a bewildering topic, you can at 15.6. live in Düsseldorf at the Colorful Beauty Days know. Afschin Fatemi is an expert in Talk “Me, Myself and I – Self-Awareness vs. self-optimization – A healthy self-image in times of the Selfie-craze”. In addition, the Influencerin Mrs Bella, will be moderating Jessica Libbertz.

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