With the weight, the danger increases? Studies show connection between Covid-19 and Overweight

To thought beginning, you still, in the case of the novel Coronavirus disease caused Covid-19 it was mainly an infection of the respiratory tract. But with increasing research there is a growing awareness in recent times The disease has much more complex consequences for the human body. Another connection has now been established by several studies: they found among patients with severe cases, a significantly above average proportion of obese people.

First instructions delivered already in April, studies from China and France. There it was found that patients ended up with severe cases in the hospital, the rate of overweight or obese patients was well above average. Now a large study from New York has confirmed this observation even further.

Medical Historian Harald Salfellner

Spanish flu: the amazing Parallels to Covid-19

Obesity is the largest risk factor after the age

The study of Grossman School of Medicine of the University of New York evaluated between March and April, the gradients of all of the almost 4,000 patients that were positive in the Coronavirus tested. The clear lesson: in addition to the age, this is already since the outbreak of the pandemic as a main risk factor is known, constitutes Obesity in persons under 65 years of age the biggest risk factor before cardiac and pulmonary diseases or Smoking the beginning as a particular risk factor is suspected.

“Obesity is the most critical gradients related to chronic disease, with a significantly higher rate than cardiovascular diseases and lung diseases,” the study said. And also provides an attempt at an explanation: “obesity is a well-known reason for inflammation.”

Almost four times the risk of obesity

A second study came also to the University of New York, belonging to the Langone Health center to the same realization: Accordingly, 19 patients under 60, the treatment in the ICU have been a Body-Mass-Index (BMI) over 30 had – were obese – twice as often than in patients with a BMI under 30 is at Covid -. In the case of extreme obesity with a BMI over 35, this probability increased even further: the sick had to be 3.6 Times as often as intensively treated.

Obesity also seems to be a decisive factor in the question of whether patients must be artificially ventilated. In the journal “Obesity” published French study of the University hospital of Lille, it was found that of the 124 studied patients with severe, 85 artificial respiration required. Among these, 56 percent had a BMI greater than 30, 38% are over 35. In the case of non-ventilated patients, the proportion was significantly lower: Only 12.8 of them were extremely overweight.

Fat cells as a basing point?

A possible explanation offers the study of the General hospital of Beijing from the beginning of April. You have explained the suspicion that the fat tissue is a possible docking station for the Virus, the study said. The docking of the Virus, the so-called ACE2-receptors in lungs and heart and also in the adipose tissue. “The ACE2 Expression in adipose tissue was higher than that in the lung tissue,” quotes “Scinexx” the Chinese study. Accordingly, the additional fat tissue could of overweight and obese people make them more vulnerable.

As the sole Declaration of the Overweight is not suitable but safe. While, for example, the low death numbers in the old, but slim people of Japan, still left a good to explain the Differences between Germany and France is already the case. While in Germany, according to information from Statista, approximately 23.5 per cent of the population are obese, have it in France only about 17 percent. This is reflected in the death not to pay, but again: even Though both countries to 170.000 known Covid-19-have cases, died in France, with 25,000 Patients for almost four times as many as in Germany.

Sources: New York University Study 1, Study 2, Obesity, Scinexx,

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