Vegan pregnancy: brain damage to the Baby avoid

Women who eat vegan, you need to watch out for during pregnancy particularly. A deficiency of Vitamin B12, which occurs almost exclusively in meat and dairy products, can lead to an unborn baby, the brain is developing properly.

If pregnant women vegan diet, is a dietary Supplement with Vitamin B12 in high enough doses is essential. Only in this way, the high requirements of an unborn baby can be covered. The professional Association of women doctors e. V. "The babies of vegan mothers, we see again and again, slight impairment of brain function, but in rare cases, very serious damage,” says children’s doctor, Prof. Dr. med. Stefan Eber on the woman, continuing medical education Congress FOKO in 2019 in Düsseldorf.

If the brain of the newborn is affected by the vitamin deficiency in pregnancy, can no longer remove children’s doctors, the damage is usually complete. In individual cases, a life-long intellectual disability threatens the child. Eber explains that a strict vegan diet living women, on average, have a daily Vitamin B12 intake of 0.4 micrograms. For the health of the baby, a daily care of Pregnant women 4.5 micrograms is necessary, however, so a factor of ten.

A woman with a Vitamin B12 deficiency pregnant, could protect the child of the consequences: repeated administration of one milligram of the Vitamin to be directly via a syringe into a muscle may be necessary, to the memory the fastest way to replenish. A little slower, the memory will fill if daily milligrams of Vitamin B12 is swallowed about 4 weeks. Boars advises vegan women living with desire to have children, therefore, at an early stage your doctor response and a blood test.

The consequences of severe deficiency of Vitamin B12, according to Eber, only one of the symptoms that he observed in children of vegan mothers. A lack of Iodine, and docosahexaenoic acid, an acid, an important unsaturated fat, could be detrimental to the development of the baby and its brain.

May be the purchase of animal products from a controlled and artgeregter attitude can help to motivate pregnant mothers, is limited in time to switch the diet, so boar. "If a woman wants to eat no animal products, then you should discuss with your doctor and a lack of Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Iodine, iron, docosahexaenoic acid, folic acid, and zinc before the beginning of the pregnancy." In the case of a lack of vitamins, fatty acids and trace elements should be supplemented, and this Supplement until the end of the lactation will be maintained.


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