The doctor begs patient: not right now with that Shit in the emergency room

The biggest concern of some young people is currently to be bored at home. Moritz’s* biggest concern is to see during his work die many patients to the Coronavirus. Actually Moritz’s eyes is a doctor at a University clinic. He expects to but now that he must soon examine patients with the Coronavirus. Because in case of emergency – and a very likely need to help all Doctors. To be part of his Job 24-hour shifts, he works nights in the emergency room. Before the weeks out to him. In the normal state, the Doctors don’t sleep during a 24-hour shift to. With a little luck, four hours, says Moritz. He has to get used to. What he can’t get used to and wants to, patients to take the burden of unimportant trifles the emergency room. The place that just might be in the coming weeks is essential for survival.

In the emergency room not only emergencies come up, we know the Doctors already. “But I thought at least now, if the government asks to leave the house only for the most urgent things, it would be better,” says Moritz.

His voice on the phone sounds angry, but also a bit helpless. “I just can’t understand that. We have explained it now so many times. The media explain it to the politicians to explain it, the hospital staff, explained it: Please stay, if possible, at home. Thus Routine tests are meant to be at the doctor or with the absolute ridiculous to the emergency room to charge.”

Patients with Shampoo in the eye and itching in the genital area

In the last 24-hours-service of Moritz, a woman, the Shampoo had an eye on came. Another time, a patient with an ingrown hair in the eyebrow.

“In the service of a colleague of another Department, a couple with itching in the genital area is in the middle of the night to come,” says Moritz. “The emergency room is not intended for problem, but for real emergencies. Right now.”


Pre-existing conditions as a risk: What is the role of Asthma or cancer in Coronavirus play

The Problem is: Develop to many people at the same time and the Coronavirus, is the can no hospital personnel in Germany are. Doctors such as Moritz emphasize that even people who have no symptoms, may be infected without realizing it. These people sit in waiting rooms, you could plug in possibly high-risk patients. But instead of respect and to behave prudently and in solidarity, not just the inner cities, but also the doctor’s offices and hospitals continue to be well attended – often for trivial reasons such as an itchy eyelid.

Disinfectant dispenser in the hospital were unscrewed and taken

Moritz’ proposal to patients who are unsure of whether you could have something Serious, is this: First, wait and see. Some of the complaints would be after a few hours of alone better. “If in the middle of the night someone comes to me and says he would be woken up with the face on the Arm by lying down and would have bad will be able to see – in the dark – but now it’s not again well, I know more, too.”

Patients to take the burden of avoidable investigations, the clinics, he advises, by itself, to cancel. This is because many Doctors still did not get the permission to cancel appointments. Thus, a lot of time in hospitals, so far, always non-critical controls and operations. And he has another, Please: “The time is coming now to the staff, is hard enough. The patients should not think only of themselves. Some have removed in the clinic even our disinfectant dispenser from the toilets and taken home. Others come because of a particular study and don’t snap at us then, why we test them on the Coronavirus. Others, again, explain to us Doctors that it’s all to do with Corona, only panic. But I have a doubt, assure you that This is not scaremongering. We can only hope that the patient’s thinking. Take Corona seriously, and not just now with that Shit in the emergency room.”

*Moritz is actually different. Be the full Name of the editorial is known.

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