Nutrition in the Corona times: More fresh food and more Kilos

Less meat, more fresh food and more Kilos on the scales: During the Corona-lock downs, has changed the diet of many Germans. This shows an overview of the work of students of the bachelor’s program "Nutrition therapy and beratung" in Gera.

In the weeks in which the people stayed more at home, were eaten less meat and ready meals. Instead, there was a higher demand for fresh food. As a reason the nutritionists suggest that people could have a healthy diet taken by the Home Office or short-time working, more time for cooking had. The meals were also taken more frequently than otherwise together with the family.

As the canteens were closed, has also increased the Preparing of meals. 21 percent of respondents are more likely to have ordered from the delivery service of the local gastronomy. While the sale of beer in Germany has been increasing since the easing back in, in Switzerland, even less alcohol drinking – possibly in the absence of society.

More Kilos on the scale

In particular, teenagers and young adults in the dimensions of the agriculture has a higher importance than before. Unchanged, the proportion of vegans and vegetarians in the population, however, remained.

Closed gyms, and eating out of boredom might have led to a lot of German have something to put on weight: 14 percent of respondents have increased in comparison to the body weight before the start of the Covid-19-measures, but only ten percent have lost weight. Accordingly, the Rate of obesity has increased.


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