Nurse about maladministration in the hospital: I’m risking every day for my health

March 2020: The Coronavirus has also reached Germany, with unprecedented restrictions, the policy is trying to slow down the spread. First and foremost, it is important to prevent an imminent Overload of the hospitals. The staff in the health system will learn a new appreciation.


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However, Nina Boehmer is still angry: In a Facebook Post, the 28-year-old nurse from Berlin, their Anger about the lack of equipment, poor pay, bad working conditions and the sometimes hypocritical-acting, thanks to the population air. Specifically, they criticized the Robert Koch Institute and health Minister Jens Spahn. Tens of thousands of times will split your Text, lot of media are picking up on your statements.

Now, Nina Boehmer has made it into a book: “Your applause can put you somewhere else”. In the starInterview, she talks about short-time working in clinics, lack of protective equipment and their criticism of Minister of health, Jens Spahn.

Nurse Nina Boehmer: “We are not cannon fodder!”

Mrs Böhmer, a few months ago, it was applauded in the Bundestag, the staff of the health system, the Chancellor thanked in a speech. Again and again, the talk of a bounty, the should sick nurses and nurses during the Corona-crisis in use. Now it became known that it will not give this Bonus. Are you disappointed?
With the bonus I didn’t expect anyway, and I actually found the idea from the outset is not so good. You will be paid anyway for carers in old people’s homes. The premium seemed to me as if you wanted to do something, us a nice Bonus so that we are calm again, because of the attention focused on us. I would have liked to have something long-term.

Nina Böhmer
Your applause put you somewhere else

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What is today of this appreciation, was left, which was at that time expressed a lot of people?
Looks like it is only a little of it in there. A lot of people already know that we make a serious work. But applause in times of crisis is not enough. You would have to also work today and tomorrow for us. I don’t think that us politicians appreciate the value. Do it only when you need us.

You work in a hospital in Berlin on different stations. How were the past months since the outbreak of the Coronavirus in Germany?
At the beginning it was very stressful, because no one knew exactly what should be done now. There were constantly new arrangements. I’m at a temporary employment Agency and was booked in this time quite a lot. At the beginning of April it started then, I was always cancelled more services. A little later I was in short-time working and sitting at home. Many others felt the same way.

That sounds absurd, considering that all feared a collapse of the health system.
What a bad joke, because earlier panic prevailed in the policy, that there is too little staff in the clinics. Everything was focused on the large Corona-rush, operations were moved. The from remained. Suddenly colleagues were able to reduce Overtime, which is usually never. Some hospitals have even sent their entire staff in short-time work.

You have to get a angry Facebook Post about the treatment of employees in the health system at the beginning of the Corona-much attention. What has upset you so?

I had read that Jens Spahn, the personnel in limits exposed to had, which means that the requirements as to how many nurses to at least Station must be lifted were. They had introduced the Minister rightly only in January. And then came the Robert Koch said the Institute, we don’t need to last 14 days in quarantine, a week. I thought to myself: What makes us different from other people that we come in contact with patients a week is enough instead of two? We are not a cannon fodder. And then, it blurted out quasi out of me.

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Another theme in your Post is the lack of protective equipment was. Has improved in the meantime?
It mask defect still exists. Mr. Spahn said that there are masks in Abundance, I can’t confirm for clinics in Berlin. You have to wear a mask the whole day. Normally, you change the mask for each individual patient. But it is until today: A mask per nurse per shift.

You and your colleagues at work risking your health?
Due to the lack of masks in any case. But not only because of Corona, I’m not afraid of, but there are also Hospital pathogens, which every year in Germany, around 20,000 people die. With only one mask per day, I risk it every day for my health, if I go to the infectious room.

How do you perceive the stress in your Job – mentally and physically?
The load is actually always big – this is in the Corona-time is not different. The work is mentally exhausting, because we always have to rush from room to room, from Patient to Patient. And physically, of course, because you have to partially lift alone severe patients, or rotate.

Her Facebook Post was shared by tens of thousands, many media have reported about it. Have also included health experts, or politicians in touch with you?
I had hoped, but there was none. I would have hoped that someone invites you to talk really about what needs to be changed. Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn, and the government have been celebrated as a great crisis Manager, I have seen different. I would have spoken to Mr Spahn like. Perhaps he invites me into his Ministry.

Jens Spahn, you seem to have no good opinion. What should he do differently?
He had to introduce some good approaches, for example, the personnel sub-limits. But the were exposed in the crisis. Then the Problem with the masks was added. I’m not the Federal health Minister, but I have an idea of what happens in hospitals. It lacks, unfortunately. He is a trained Bank clerk. Instead of talking so often in the media, he should go to the hospitals or nursing homes or surveys how to start, you could make it better.

What specific changes would you wish for in the health system and, in particular, in the hospitals?
I would hope that the hospitals can’t hire more staff so that we can effort and pressure of time have this high work. And that the whole health care system is not focused on Profit, but the health and the Patient is in the foreground. That’s not why I wrote the book, because it is only to Corona.

You are now with your book, many in your profession a voice. Can you imagine, to represent their proposals politically, be it in a party, trade Union or an Association?

I wrote the book, in fact, for all of us. I’ve even thought about it to engage me. I would have to see what is possible. Our Problem is that we can’t go on strike. Then the System would collapse, there would perhaps be Dead, and all would be rightfully angry with us.

Despite all the difficulties and grievances in the health system – is the nurse for you are still a dream job?
Actually, already. Apart from the working conditions it’s a really nice profession because you get the patient so much gratitude back. It helps the people and supports them – I think it’s beautiful. Otherwise I would have stopped a long time ago.

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