Infectious diseases organization honors 9 WashU physicians

Nine faculty members at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have been elected fellows of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA). They are Courtney Chrisler, MD, Michael Durkin, MD, Kevin Hsueh, MD, Jennie H. Kwon, DO, and Andrej Spec, MD, assistant professors of medicine; Philip J. Budge, MD, PhD, Gerome Escota, MD, and Jennifer A. Philips, MD, PhD, associate professors of medicine; and Keith F. Woeltje, MD, PhD, professor of medicine, all in the Department of Medicine’s Division of Infectious Diseases. Jennifer A. Philips is also co-director of the Division of Infectious Diseases and an associate professor of molecular microbiology.

The IDSA honored a total of 199 physicians and scientists as fellows this year. Fellowship in IDSA is considered among the highest honors in the field of infectious diseases.

To be considered for the honor, potential fellows must be nominated by their peers and must meet specified criteria that include continuing identification with the field of infectious diseases, national or regional recognition, and publication of scholarly work. Nominees are reviewed and elected by the IDSA Board of Directors.

See the IDSA release for more information about the honor. For more information about the school’s newest fellows, visit an announcement on the Department of Medicine website.

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