Free Menstruation: behind The Trend

Many young women want to live in harmony with nature. In addition to organic food, natural cosmetics and herbal medicines is a natural dealing with of menstrual bleeding is currently. “Free bleeding” or free menstrual this Trend is called.

About 40 years of monthly bleeding is a part of life of every woman. Most of them are glad that they come, thanks to special hygiene items clean and discreetly through your “days”. You keep Tampons for a blessing that allows you during Menstruation unrestricted freedom of movement, for example, in the case of any type of Sport.

For several years, but there is a counter-movement, the tampon and do not Bind for an exemption, but simply superfluous. American feminists were the first that called women to “free bleeding”, so to free Menstruation. They wanted to get the period out of the taboo zone of silence and embarrassment. It was wrong of the blood, to declare women unclean, as some religions do explicitly.

Menstruation – no reason for a taboo

Equally wrong was it to make the period by the corresponding hygiene article, “invisible”. It was, rather, of course, the blood does not stop. And it was healthy: towels, Tampons or menstrual Cup can locks bacteria in the Vagina and trigger inflammation. Many young women are willing, this Trend at least try.

Free Menstruating may not work, because the blood oozes out continuously, but in intervals, as the surge out of the body flows. The announces often by Pulling in the abdomen. If the woman then goes in time to the toilet, the pelvic floor relaxes and Wippbewegungen with the lower part of the body makes, the accumulated blood in a swing. A light Massage of the lower stomach may support the procedure. Deposits, or a Tampon is not necessary.

Free menstrual is a matter of Practice

The free dealing with the period bleeding is not suitable for every woman. It works, for example, if the monthly bleeding is very strong. Also, generally speaking, women need to gain experience with the free Menstruation and on the signals of your body.

Who wants to try out the free menstrual periods, you should test it during the last days of the period, if only a little blood comes. Also days on which the wife is mainly at home, are suitable for the first Attempts. Regular toilet visits every hour to help with the habituation. And for safety, should at least be initially worn a panty liner or napkin, in order to avoid unpleasant situations.

Experienced users will appreciate the all-natural dealing with of menstrual bleeding in addition to the own well-being that you avoid by the renunciation of hygiene products waste and contribute to environmental protection. And some say, that by this method, even her menstrual pain had disappeared.