Experts warn sponges, to wash out hot ash

Sponges to stink quickly. So put it in the washing machine and continue to use it? Researchers warn against this widespread practice. For bacteria, sponges are the ideal place of residence, because the porous, large surface area offers virtually unlimited habitat. The humidity and heat of the rinsing water to support the growth of the germs. For replenishment of food waste stuck to plates and cups. From the wide-spread practice of cleaning sponges hot – for example, in the dishwasher or microwave – advise the researchers. The reason: In “recycled” sponges critical bacteria and a couple of significantly more. The cleaning can reduce the level of Bacteria in the short term. In the long term, however, increased pathogens would prevail germs, since they have probably a higher tolerance to stress and cleaning are more likely to survive. The researchers recommend that the old sponge on a weekly basis against a new to trade. This applies in particular for households, in which people with a weakened immune system.