After the Disaster at cancer Test to which the patient can trust

The cancer before it breaks out – this is one of the great dreams of cancer researchers. The earliest evidence of a Tumor locate in the body fluids, especially in blood. Only a few methods can meet in the practice Test, the full-bodied announcements.

First of all, the matter was only embarrassing: The University of Heidelberg had to admit in March that the blood test of one of their senior Doctors was by no means of the full-bodied announced a “milestone in the breast cancer diagnostics”, presented in February with a large PR presence and then in many media as a Sensation has been touted. On the contrary, Each of the third positive result in the practice test wrong.

Now a case for the state is to become a lawyer: The University has lodged a complaint against Unknown. The allegation is “unfair practice” of the scientists involved already in the development of the Tests. At the moment it is not even clear who has developed the method at all, with the help of the University spin-off Heiscreen wanted to to the Public and later to the market.

In addition to the questionable test of quality worthy of this science scandal mainly to a lack of publications of clinical studies, financial implications and conflicts of interest. In the centre, the Director of the University women’s hospital, Christopher’s son.

New cancer blood tests on the current Band – no one practice is Mature

The media effective press ahead with a completely half-baked Test with all its consequences may be for the University physicians atypical. In terms of say the modest quality of cancer previously, is the Heidelberg breast cancer test, but not alone.

In the last few years have been re-presented Tests, to discover in the blood of cancer cells, either early or ten or more types of cancer to detect. In the everyday medical practice, has managed, so far, none of the methods, which have been referred to by scientists as the “Holy Grail” of Oncology.

The goal: early detection in the blood before the cancer breaks out

The search for cancer cells in the blood, less frequently in the urine or in the saliva, is associated with so much hope, because so far there are only a few types of cancer, mass-market methods of early detection. The earliest possible detection is the best way to cure a cancer.

Also, Collecting a few drops of blood or other body fluids is much less complicated than the x-ray (breast cancer), a PAP smear (cervical cancer) or a colonoscopy (bowel cancer) is the usual Screening methods.

The “Liquid Biopsy” can provide evidence of cancer, do not predict

The Liquid Biopsy (flüsssig biopsy), so the search of cancer markers, especially in the blood to facilitate occur, except for the early detection of the control of Treatment: Doctors see in blood samples, if metastases form, a Patient suffers a relapse or cancer medicines no longer work. The analysis of the blood-floating tumor cells allows a therapy adjustment and improvement.

Conclusion: Here, in the control of cancer activity, is currently the largest option of body fluids as a study medium to use. A specific use, such as in the case of lung cancer, will take place in the context of studies of cancer centres.

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A single blood-early detection is now Standard

Basically, the idea is cancer in the blood or other body fluids to prove, not a new one. Especially certain sugar-protein molecules in the blood as a tumour marker reading. Usually they are analyzed only when a cancer diagnosis is already clear. With the exception of the PSA Test, which is already applied in practice for decades.

He has the prostate-specific Antigen (PSA) in the blood. The concentration of the sugar-protein-Protein is significantly increased if the input tax is more affected gland from cancer. The Test is reliable in the measurement, but allows to say, no reliable cancer before. Located on the highly fluctuating PSA level. For a meaningful Information, the Test must be carried out several times in intervals. Only if the values are always similar, must be assumed to be cancer.

Conclusion: The PSA Test is the only blood test that is actually for the early detection of cancer. It is recommended, especially in younger men, the risk for prostate cancer.

Blood tests for up to 10 types of cancer – one day

Researchers from the cancer Institute of the Cleveland Clinic presented in the autumn of 2018 with a blood test, you can discover tens of various types of cancer, before the disease makes itself by symptoms. Study leader Eric Klein spoke of the “Holy Grail of cancer research” and said that, to discover hard-to-treat types of cancer when they are still treatable.

The Test looks for DNA of the ingredients of cancer cells in the blood. However, the precision varies from 90 percent for ovarian cancer, only 56 percent of head and neck cancer.

Very similar to a development work from the Kimmel cancer center in Baltimore, which made the beginning of 2018 headlines. In a pilot study in 1000 patients tested blood test to detect Snippets of eight types of cancer on the basis of the genetic make-up. Here, too, the accuracy of between 68 and 98 percent varies.

From the introduction to the practice, these Tests are still far away. However, researchers such as Eric can see Small, as a potential cancer prevention, which should take one day, all citizens in the middle ages – and the threat of cancer in the Bud could suffocate.

Conclusion: The early detection tests for several types of cancer have a highly variable accuracy, depending on the type of cancer. Only when the precision is better, can be a Test in medical practice.

FOCUS Online/Wochit hope for millions of people: New blood test can eight types of cancer in the early stage to detect

Minutes Faster Cancer Detection

Australian researchers have a fast detect test developed, the typical differences in the DNA of Tumor and healthy cells. A drop of blood is sufficient, and in a few minutes, it is clear whether a Patient has cancer.

The researchers from the University of Queensland in Brisbane believe they have found a universal Biomarker for cancer and your Test is in any cancer disease not applicable. So far, the Test registered, however, only the presence of cancer cells, but it can not make any statements about the type of cancer or how far the disease has progressed.

Conclusion: the biggest Problem is the blood tests for the early detection: cancer in the advanced stage more easily detected in the blood, floats in the early stage only a little cancer DNA in the blood. The risk of a false negative statement is dangerously high.

Cancer search in the urine

Also in the detection of cancer cells in the urine. However, this body fluid is not reveals so as to the blood. Even in the case of bladder cancer, the tumor marker is not suitable for searching in urine for the early detection.

However, researchers from London’s Queen Mary University in 2015 that have developed a urine test, the pancreas is supposed to detect cancer at an early stage. On the basis of three proteins of the disease with a reliability of more than 90 per cent undetectable, and in a stage where this rarely curable Tumor can be treated more successfully.

Conclusion: the bladder, prostate, and possibly pancreatic cancer in the urine prove. But a sufficient number of cancer cells or the tumor markers have to be present in the liquid. The urine is, therefore, an uncertain candidate for early cancer tests.

Cancer detection in saliva

DNA Tests from saliva samples have brought researchers to look into this body fluid even after cancer clues. Scientists at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) have taken, for example, in 2016, a saliva detection for lung cancer. It is to be used, if, for example, x-rays show suspicious nodes in the lung tissue.

Conclusion: For early detection have, however saliva tests so far has not proved successful. The blood is simply the best.