Dick, despite diet? Beware of falling in front of those Declining

Actually, you do everything right: you lace up on a regular basis the sports shoes and go for a run. Chocolate, gummy bears and Chips you have deleted consistently from your diet. Instead of the scrap you order in the Restaurant also have a salad – without cream Dressing, of course. And yet The number on the scale remains unchanged. Slimming? Slim Line? .

It is a fact that In everyday life many slimming lurking traps that can sabotage a diet. Not everything that appears at first glance to be healthy, it is also. We tell you the six situations, which can be a successful Diet in the way.

Decreasing 1 Case: The Juice-And-Error

In the form of juices, many of the vitamins are stuck. The drink therefore enjoys a good Image. What many people don’t know however, juices can make you fat if consumed in larger quantities. In a glass of orange juice have so many calories in a glass of Cola put. Blame the fructose.

Alternative: orange juice and instead an Orange to eat. It contains dietary fiber that fills the stomach and makes satisfied.

Decreasing Case 2: Packaged Cereals

In supermarkets you fill all the shelves: ready-made muesli mixes in all conceivable variations. The basic healthy ingredients. Many of the products are based on oats and other cereal-based products. It becomes problematic however, if additional ingredients are mixed: Often it is the hidden sugar, sweet yogurt and chocolate flakes or palm oil. The supposedly healthy cereal turns into a high-calorie Dessert.

Alternative: Let your own muesli mix and select healthy ingredients, such as cereal flakes and nuts, the long saturate. If you like, you can nachsüßen with honey or fresh berries in the cereal, stir.

Decreasing Case 3: Dry Fruit

Little volume, for many calories in the Form of fruit sugar: dried fruit tastes good. This is more of a candy than a healthy addition to the diet.

Alternative: grapes instead of raisins, banana instead of banana chips Natural fruit fills the stomach, makes you tired and tempted not to, too much to eat.

Ravioli out of a can

If it needs to go fast, and are Ravioli out of the can is a popular Snack. They are not necessarily healthy, is hardly surprising. A Portion (400 grams), approximately twelve grams of sugar stuck.

Decreasing Case 4: Industrial Junk Food

Finished pizzas, white flour buns and burgers have one thing in common: they provide very little nutrients and a lot of calories and not to keep fed. The reason is that Industrial foods are so heavily processed that you can digest, the body quickly – he was already lost all the work. The result: after a short time, the Hunger comes back.

Alternative: cooking for Yourself with fresh ingredients and white flour products to whole grain alternatives to exchange.

Decreasing Case 5: Added Sugars

What is Ravioli, tomato soup, and herb salad have in common? All of these foods contain hidden sugar. Many people do not know that even the savoury dishes are often sweetened with sugar. This is problematic, because the world health organization recommends that no more than 25 grams of added to eating sugar of the day. A value that is reached quickly.

Alternative: The ingredients list reveals whether the product has added sugar or contains. The Sweeteners is often hidden behind names such as “glucose-fructose syrup” or “whey powder”. Look at the nutritional table shows how much sugar is in the food. They rely instead on low-sugar Alternatives.

Decreasing 6 case: Mix of fat and carbohydrates

Chips contain a particularly enticing composition of fat and carbohydrates, which stimulates the appetite and the food animated. A similar “Addiction-factor” can also be used for other foods: sweet nut-Nougat-cream, Spaghetti Carbonara or white bread with liver sausage.

Alternative: of Course, it is not forbidden to eat fat and carbs together – it tastes good. Nevertheless, you should keep ahead of the lookup even for a moment, and critically: I really still hungry or do I eat just appetite?