Character: Similar to dogs, their owners?

As the owner, the dog? This proverb is actually something to it: New results from Michigan State University show that the personality characteristics of dogs and their owners often resemble.

According to the study, the personality of dogs by age is characterised, the people and the quality of the relationship to their owner. The researchers found that older dogs are much the raise more difficult. This works best around the age of six years, if they have left the exciting puppy phase. A dog owner will shape the personality of your animals, for example, if you pet on long walks to take, you or bad habits that annoy.

The results of the study suggest that the prejudice is true that dogs resemble their owners: Extroverted people rate their dogs as more excited and more active, while the owners estimate with the negative emotions of their dogs as more anxious and less training ready. Mr Chen and Mrs Chen, who felt themselves as pleasant, valued their dogs, however, as a less fearful and aggressive towards other people and animals.

Chopik interviewed owners of more than 1,600 dogs at the age of few weeks to 15 years and of different breeds, their personality and behavior history. The owner answered some questions about your own character.