Biotin supplements can distort blood test

The intake of Biotin as a dietary Supplement, could interfere with some clinical laboratory examinations, for example, the Troponin Test for heart attack diagnosis. In addition, the drug Commission of the German pharmacists (AMK) informs now.

Biotin supplements can apparently falsify lab results dangerous. The AMK points to several case reports. In the US, for example, a Patient died with a high-dose Biotin therapy for the treatment of Multiple sclerosis because the Doctors detected because of false-negative Troponin values, a present of a heart attack. In other clinical studies and case increased estradiol values and false low are reports incorrectly parathyroid hormone, or TSH values occurred.

The risk assessment Committee the pharmacovigilance of the European medicines Agency (PRAC) recommends that the appropriate warnings in the package insert. This relates to medicines for Oral use, with about 150 micrograms of Biotin per unit Dose, and parenterally applicable pharmaceutical compositions containing about 60 micrograms of Biotin per unit.

The extent to which Biotin preparations of the laboratory influence the results, in fact, want to check the Federal Institute for drugs and medical products. As long as it is advisable to inform the doctor prior to the corresponding Tests in which Biotin is used product and in what dosage. The same is true for food supplements for skin, hair and nails, as well as Multivitamin preparations often contain Biotin.


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