New Year’s Resolutions You’ll Actually Want To Keep In 2021

Raise your hand if you’re ready to say goodbye to 2020. This year has definitely been one to remember (or forget), but that just means you are looking forward to making 2021 something even better. That starts with a New Year’s resolution you’ll actually want to keep. While a lot of resolutions are notoriously known for being dropped almost immediately, you can set yourself up for success by picking something you’ll want to stick with. 

Real Simple has some New Year’s resolutions that are aimed at having a healthier 2021, and it’s not just the typical exercise more and diet, which are so easy to drop. Instead of cutting out dessert, you could upgrade your dishes by diluting them with nuts or seeds. Chocolate covered almonds are a delicious snack to grab when you’re craving something sweet, but also want some good-for-you fiber. You can even improve your WFH routine by adjusting your sitting position, designating a no-phone zone, and setting a bedtime alarm to get you to sleep at a good time every night.

Even small adjustments can make a major difference

When it comes to making resolutions you’ll be able to keep, focus on the small adjustments here and there that are easy to manage. For instance, InStyle suggests you implement the “topless” test, which means only spending time with friends you would feel comfortable taking your top off in front of.

Some ways to feel better right away is to declutter your space and tackle your email. You don’t necessarily need to get to inbox zero, but unsubscribe from the email lists you don’t check. Another helpful tip is to try and curate your social feeds. One idea is to treat your Instagram like a room in your home, and only post the photos you would put up on your walls. 

Taking into consideration everything that happened in 2020, the new year could be a great time to start traveling more as soon as it’s safe. Until then, start saving your money. Best Life reports 23% of respondents in an poll of a thousand Americans listed “save money” as their top resolution. Even just adding a little over time can make a huge difference by the end of the year.

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