Jennifer Lopez Opened Up About the ‘Most Intimidating’ Part of Parenthood & We Can Relate

Jennifer Lopez is the latest mega-star to grace Vogue with her presence for their ’73 Questions’ series, and she was just as relaxed, warm, and real as ever. A lot, of course, was covered in the course of 73 questions, but when it came to inquiries about parenthood and family, JLo was especially wistful, honest, and thoughtful.

When asked, “What is the most intimidating thing about parenthood?,” the mom of two and stepmom of three laughed and exclaimed, “Everything!” She paused for a moment, then continued, “But definitely the teenage years.”

She was, predictably, asked the follow-up: “And what is the most rewarding thing?” “The most rewarding thing…” she mused, “Is that they wind up teaching you.”

The singer, actress, and entrepreneur was also asked, “How would you describe your work ethic?,” to which she answered, “Relentless.” The cameraman asked, “And what do you hope your kids learn from you being relentless?” Lopez answered, “That if you work hard, you can accomplish anything.” Firing off another follow-up question, the cameraman asked, “Do you think that they get that?” She said, wistfully, “I hope so.”

Jenny from the Block also treated us to some of her favorite holiday dishes, thanks to Vogue asking, “And what is one Christmas tradition that you and your family look forward to the most?” She thought on it for a minute, then said, “We cook the same food every year, which I love, ’cause I wait for that food all year. We cook pasteles, and arroz con gandules, and pernil, and all the, like, specialties. So, it’s my favorite.”

Like a true fashionista and girl’s girl, Lopez quickly added, “Plus, it’s the most sparkly holiday of all.” With a chuckle, the cameraman said, “It is. Any coquito?” Responding with a laugh of her own, the entertainment icon said, “A bit of coquito, yeah.” [laughs]”

Here’s to a bit of coquito helping us and JLo get through those wild teenage years.

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