This Fruit Punch IPA Tastes Amazing on Hold With Customer Service

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Name: San Franpsycho
Brewer: Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA
Style: India Pale Ale
ABV: 6.3%

There’s a wrong way to drink when you’re on the phone with customer service and there’s a right way to drink when you’re on the phone with customer service.

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Actually, there are two wrong ways. The first wrong way is to find yourself halfway through a case of Keys, belligerent and berating the helpless individual on the other end of your drunken tirade. The second wrong way is to not drink at all.

The right way involves using the 15 or so minutes you’ll likely be on hold to enjoy the nuances of an especially complex and beer that has some flavors beyond “beer.” Anchor Brewing’s San Franpsycho is the perfect example. It has the familiar bite of an IPA, but it’s backed by hearty malt and then pops with all these cool apricot, peach, and fruit-punchy flavors.

By the time you’ve watched the frothy head fade and the golden haze drain from your pint glass, you’ll be swaying to the sweet sounds of the on-hold Muzak. And then, just in time, the customer service representative will pick up. With the sweet buzz of San Franpsycho you’ll likely find yourself absent of your usual rage and instead quite pleasant. You might ask how their day is going. You might say, “Hey now, you have a great weekend okay?” And if the beer has really gone to your head, you might even take the short quality-assessment quiz at the end of the call.

Pairs Well With: medical bills, cable problems, vaporwave, USB cables, giving out the last four digits of your social security number, speaking with the manager, crossing something off the to-do list

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