The Sanitizing Spray with a Secret Use Is So Popular, It Sold Out on Amazon in 24 Hours

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different hand sanitizers on the market, which is an overwhelming number of options to look through if all you want is a good disinfecting spray that gets the job done. And although all sanitizers aim to do the same thing (kill germs on the spot), they can vary drastically. Some dry out your hands, and some leave them too sticky, but the Everyday Humans Germaphobe Hand & Surface Sanitizer does none of that. That’s probably why it sold out within 24 hours of its launch on Amazon.

Everyday Humans is a Gen Z- and millennial-loved skincare brand that aims to make “sunscreen you actually want to wear,” in its own words. So it’s fitting that it makes an internet-favorite sanitizer that you’ll happily lather all over your hands. Amazon shoppers say its non-sticky and lightly scented formula won’t dry out your skin or prompt you to wrinkle your nose because of a harsh smell.

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The Everyday Humans Germaphobe Hand & Surface Sanitizer is first and foremost a hand sanitizer. It contains 65 percent ethyl alcohol and promises to kill 99.99 percent of germs, but it won’t trigger dry skin thanks to a hydrating formula that contains aloe vera, green tea, and safflower seed oil. 

The spray does more than zap the germs on your hands, though. It also acts as a sanitizing surface spray to kill bacteria on frequently touched areas, like countertops or airplane seats (the 2-ounce bottles are TSA-friendly). It can even freshen up your face mask when you’re on the go and don’t have time for laundry, vanquishing germs on its exterior and lingering smells on the interior. Coffee breath? Just spray it away.

Because this spray can do it all, it should come as no surprise that it's in high demand. If the past is any indication, it’s guaranteed to sell out again, so our advice is to buy it today.

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