The Apple Watch Series 3 Is Marked Down $80 On Amazon—Right Now

  • The Apple Watch Series 3 is $80 dollars off on Amazon right now, at $199.
  • It’s available in black for $229.
  • It has GPS, Siri, and tracks your workouts and helps you meet your fitness goals.

Smart watches are a pretty amazing accessory to up your fitness game—and Apple Watch is a leader in the pack.

And if you’ve been eyeing the Apple Watch for some time now, it’s your lucky day, because the Apple Watch Series 3 is seriously discounted on Amazon. You can get it right now for $199, originally $279. This 38mm model comes with a bright white sport band and Silver aluminum watch detail. Or, if you prefer the black version of the Series 3, you can snag it for the same awesome deal.

And in case you weren’t already aware, the Apple Watch does way more than just track your heart rate. This watch comes with built-in GPS and cadence tracking, so if you’re a runner or cyclist looking to track your distance or splits, you will LOVE this smart watch. Plus, it’s water-resistant (that goes for heavy sweating, too). Also: ICYMI, new research shows that the Apple Watch could even save your life.

If you’re more into yoga or focusing on reducing your stress, you can also get the Breathe app, which takes you through breathing exercises to find your zen.

Whether you’re a cardio queen or seeking some peace through your workout, the Series 3 Apple Watch is a must-have. Get this amazing deal before it’s gone!

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