“Stop immediately”: the next case of death due to E-cigarettes alerted US authorities

The US health authority CDC is investigating whether the use of E-cigarettes has led to severe lung diseases. The impetus of the investigation of a death case, brought in July of this year, for excitement, as well as alarmingly high Figures of lung diseases was.

In July died in the US state of Oregon a Person, after she had smoked Cannabis by E-cigarettes. In addition, the Figures were, according to a report from the health authorities of lung diseases have shot up. In many cases, patients have sets the E-cigarettes, the Cannabis compounds THC or CBD, the course.

"We still do not know exactly what is called the diseases – whether they are due to impurities, the active ingredients in the liquid, or by something else, like the device itself, triggered wurde", Dr. Ann Thomas of the Oregon Health Authority&apos said;s Public Health Division, in a report.

Death in Illinois

22. August had been reported to the Ministry of health in the state of Illinois in addition, the death of an adult who had previously used such a cigarette, and, according to the Ministry of "a severe, unexplained respiratory illness to the hospital had been." So far is unknown whether this is the case, and the hundreds of diseases could be traced to a common cause.

In addition, the CDC and FDA warned on Friday prior to the purchase and use of subsequently modified Vaping devices and the "Liquids" referred to fluids on the road. Instead, it should only be used by the manufacturer sold the products to be used. Consumers should add the Liquids no substances.

After patients in the US state of Wisconsin were admitted to hospital with symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, vomiting, diarrhea, fever and exhaustion, to the hospital, was the health authority according to CNN, with a clear warning to the citizens: "Stops now to vapen".

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