Earlier death: 2 soft drinks per day increases the risk

According to a new study people who regularly consume soft drinks have a higher risk of premature death. This applies to both sugar-sweetened as for artificially sweetened drinks. Nutritionists advise to choose the healthy Option: water.

The researchers calculated that the risk of early death in people who consumed daily for two or more glasses of soft drinks, was 17 percent higher than study participants who drank a maximum of one glass per month. This was also the case when other factors such as Body Mass Index, diet, physical activity and Smoking were taken into account. The Trend was containing both of sugar as observed in artificially-sweetened beverages.

Dr. Mathilde Touvier, the French Institute for health and medical research, welcomed the latest study: “The results encourage is definitely the recommendations of the health authorities, artificially sweetened drinks – and not just sugary drinks – to limit." Drinks with artificial sweetener often than "gesündere" Variant of sugar-containing beverages are marketed, what are the results of the present work to disprove clearly.

The study, in the data from the years 1992 to 2000 of more than 450,000 people, 70 percent of them women, were analyzed, appeared in the journal Jama Internal Medicine. It is more than 41.600 deaths occurred during the observation period, among which the scientists hang Together have with the drinking habits sought.