E-cigarettes under suspicion: the Enigmatic lung disease spreading among teenagers

A previously unknown lung disease is currently spreading in the United States. The health authorities are reviewing about 100 cases, the most Affected are very young. They have in common that they have smoked E-cigarettes. The authorities are now checking a connection.

The U.S. health authorities currently employ approximately 100 cases of unexplained lung disease in 14 States. Many of those Affected are adolescents or young adults, some had to be artificially ventilated. The &quot reported;Washington Post".

United States: Teen Smoking E-cigarette

Many of the Details of the disease, the authorities are still a mystery. A Commonality of the Affected were able to you notice: they all have “steamed smoked”, that is, E-cigarettes. The patient came with the complaints in the hospitals, the Doctors reminded first of all of Virus infections or bacterial lung disease: shortness of breath, fever, cough, and abdominal pain.

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Symptoms of unknown lung disease

She jumped, however, to the typical medications, antibiotics and oxygen additions. Some patients had, in the meantime, be even connected to ventilator machines, because the symptoms were worse. The US health authorities warn, therefore, now Doctors and clinics, to be used in the following symptoms noisy:

  • Shortness of breath
  • General Respiratory Complaints
  • Pain in the chest

Some of the patients complained also of a fever, cough, Nausea, and diarrhea. Has helped many, in the end, the use of steroids.

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Disease or other to do with E-cigarettes

The unknown lung disease with E-cigarettes is connection, there is, according to the American authorities no doubt. It must however be clarified whether the disease had been triggered by Steam itself or by means of Liquid, so the Vapor liquids used. The patients reported by different Liquids, you use: Some of which contained nicotine, or marijuana, and others were mixed together.

For more information on the topic you can find here:

  • Soon, the lung disease COPD will be the third most common cause of death. COPD destroys not only the lungs but also the heart. With the correct treatment, the braking could be. Prerequisite: at the first signs go to the doctor. What you should look for, and what therapies help:lung disease COPD is announced years in advance
  • In addition to the well-known diseases such as lung cancer and heart attack is diverse damage in the body to Smoking. The toxic Smoke affected our brain, the muscle, and the nutrient supply. In children of Smoking parents, it leads to Obesity often:

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  • Cigarette consumption has long been associated with increased heart attack risk. Scientists evaluated in a new study, data from over 3000 patients. They found that a certain group of the population is particularly at risk (Video):study shows, for whom Smoking is especially dangerous

Health authorities to check cases of healing uncertain

The American health authorities announced that there are confirmed cases in at least five States: California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota and Wisconsin. They worked hard to make the cause of the disease is identified, after in the past few weeks, several cases of lung disease in adolescents and young adults in you were received.

An infectious disease, the experts conclude, however, although the symptoms are in many cases similar. You suspect that the cause is in the ingredients of the used vapor liquids.

31 cases of the disease have been confirmed by the authorities, in the meantime, many more patients are still under investigation. Whether the patient will recover from the lung disease completely, is unclear.

Aerosols in E-cigarettes can cause lung diseases

"A connection is quite plausibel", Katrin Schaller German cancer research center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg said on Tuesday the German press Agency. Because the users of E-inhalation cigarette aerosols, it is likely that the lung will hardest hit. There have already been individual reports on special forms of lung inflammation associated with the consumption of E-cigarettes.

"E-cigarettes are not harmlos", the expert on tobacco control said. The assessment of the health risk posed by E-cigarettes but it is extremely difficult, said Schaller. In the cases in which the United States, did not know what would have used the people. There is a wide disparity in E-cigarettes and thousands of e-Liquids with flavors, of which you do not know, how they acted in the lung. The flavors are approved as food additives, but Toxicological data for the Inhalation were missing.

The US health authority, FDA had seizures in the spring, a possible connection between the Occurrence of seizures and the use of E-cigarettes tested. It had been 35 cases from the years 2010 to 2019.

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