RKI warns that New wave of Flu spread viruses on the rise – Influenza-fast –

This year’s flu wave is again as severe as last year?

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) warns currently facing a sharp increase in Influenza virus activity, and calls out the beginning of a new wave of Influenza in Germany. Alone in the sixth calendar week over 14,000 Influenza cases were sent to the RKI. 74 people have died in this flu season, Influenza.

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft Influenza (AGI) at the RKI is reporting weekly on the status of the influenza Situation in Germany. According to the latest Influenza weekly report in the sixth reporting week of 2019 yet 14.341 laboratory-confirmed diagnosis of influenza were forwarded cases to the Robert Koch-Institute. This is in the region of a strongly increased activity of acute respiratory disease.

Bad Omen

Since the beginning of the flu season 2018/2019 35.051 confirmed influenza cases are thus known. The RKI speaks of 74 cases of death associated with influenza virus infections. From the provided report data show that last year in the same period to a similar rapid increase in flu cases. In the past year, a severe influenza raged already wave in Germany and called for mass deaths.

How do I become infected with Influenza?

According to RKI, Influenza viruses are considered to be very contagious. By Sneezing, coughing or Talking of infected people from the smallest virus-containing droplets into the air that can be inhaled by other persons in the vicinity. This Dose of virus sufficient to infect a human, especially if this Person has a strong immune system. Another common infection method, the own hands. By shaking hands or by Touching contaminated objects such as doorknobs, handrails or stair railings to remain the virus on the hands. The Hand is then led later on to the face, the virus in the body.

How to recognize Influenza?

Unlike a common cold, Influenza typically begins with a sudden feeling of sickness, which pain often of fever, sore throat and dry cough, muscle tensions, limb, back pain and/or headaches accompanied. The course of the disease can vary from Person to Person. In some of the only mild symptoms, which subside after five to seven days. In the case of another serious illness develop gradients with severe complications, such as lung, brain, or heart muscle inflammation. In the worst case, a Influenza can be lethal. Senior citizens, Pregnant women and people with chronic underlying disease are considered as risk group for severe disease courses.

So you can protect yourself from the virus